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Maya Middlemiss is the CEO and lead writer at BlockSparks

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Cryptocurrency Mining with Argo Mining

5 days ago maya $0.49 (188.9519 BNTY)

On the Crypto Confidence Podcast today I’m talking to Felicity Feinman from ArgoMining So many of our listeners are curious about crypto mining so Felicity joins us to explain more about that, about what ArgoMining are doing and how anyone can get i...

How do you earn a passive income from cryptocurrency?

5 days ago maya $4.12 (1,598.6067 BNTY)

For many people, earning passive income is a lifetime goal. Income without actually actively earning it? It makes a lot of sense, and it’s worth looking at ways in which cryptocurrency can help fulfill this objective.  It is always said that smart pe...

The Blockchain Couldn't Care Less About You

3 weeks ago maya $0.86 (332.7457 BNTY)

When you store your money in a bank account, you're a client of that bank, a valued customer. Even if you benefit from 'free banking', the bank makes money providing that service to you by charging you for privileges like overdrafts and credit c...