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The presence of Cryptocurrency in the Global Football Industry

23 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto $0.86 (510.1598 HYDRO)

The football industry, or as Americans prefer to say the ‘soccer’ industry, has been slowly adopting cryptocurrencies. Brand ambassadors, blockchain commercials during half-time, shirt sponsoring and crypto commercial boarding advertisements are some...

Will the Gaming Industry be the Catalyst to Mainstream Crypto Adoption?

20 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto $0.17 (99.8479 HYDRO)

It is almost difficult to think back and remember prosperous crypto-times where green-candles were a daily occurrence and blockchain projects surged in price to new all-time-highs on a regular basis. It all came to a halt at the beginning of 2018 whe...

The Importance of Governance in a Blockchain OS

19 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto $14.93 (8,903.5191 HYDRO)

Large corporations like Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook make their own rules, which is obvious because, just like countries, they have a centralized authority. In a centralized infrastructure, rules and regulations can be implemented by a manage...