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Statera Just Put Forward a Billion Dollar Market Cap Whitepaper

18 Jul 2020 5 minute read 7 comments KnewMoney

In my last post I discussed the math behind why Statera could hit a billion dollars. This was based solely on the math of their returns. Holding cryptocurrencies in a portfolio with Statera could hypothetically net you 38%-500% APY (they haven't been... Gives you 5-18% interest on your Crypto, is it safe?

11 Jul 2020 7 minute read 12 comments KnewMoney

I see a lot of posts across the cyptocurrency space in line with: “Is (CDC) safe?” “Is it legit?” “How are their rates so high?” My goal is to provide a list of readings and points that helped me come to my conclusions. Here we go: Some Po...

The Simple Math to Why Statera Could Hit a One Billion Dollar Market Cap

4 Jul 2020 5 minute read 6 comments KnewMoney

I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, these are my opinions only.   First, Statera is a token that enables the creation of Deflationary Index Funds.  Second, Statera was part of an exploit in an exchange last week. The exchange...

What are the Whales doing that invested in Compound, the Biggest "ICO" this Year?

24 Jun 2020 12 minute read 1 comment KnewMoney

In continuing my series looking into what whale addresses are doing in specific cryptos I decided my next target would be the COMP token. Why the COMP token? My main idea behind doing this work is to see if we as investors in this space can learn som...

What can we learn from whales who invest in Link?

20 Jun 2020 8 minute read 1 comment KnewMoney

   I got a lot of positive feedback on my post about What whales were doing in Statera (STA). So I decided to make a series out of these. I will take a look at some of the top cryptocurrencies and see what the whales are doing with these tokens, this...

Who is behind Statera (STA)?

18 Jun 2020 3 minute read 6 comments KnewMoney

I wrote a four part article on the new token STA. Recently I've received a lot of messages about who is the founder/who is behind the token. This may be related to online campaigns trying to say the founder is x person or y person (usually x person o...

What the Whales are doing with STA

16 Jun 2020 6 minute read 2 comments KnewMoney

    In the last post of my series on Statera I wanted to look at the market and specifically, what the large market players are doing with Statera. In my series I argued that Statera was a new financial instrument that would incentivize investment an...

The Future of Deflationary Index Funds and Statera

16 Jun 2020 5 minute read 6 comments KnewMoney

This is part 3 in a 4 part series, for full context: start here. Statera - Encouraging Trading and Liquidity in Index Funds    Remember Statera (STA) is in a pool (index fund) with five tokens: WBTC (Bitcoin), Ether, Link, SNX, STA. Having that fifth...

What is a Deflationary Index Fund and What does it Mean for Crypto?

16 Jun 2020 4 minute read 6 comments KnewMoney

    Statera created their own Balancer Pool (go to my article on Balancer Pools for more info), they found four cryptocurrencies that already exist that they love, I love, and many of you love: Synthetix (SNX), Chainlink (LINK), Bitcoin (WBTC, which...

What are Balancer Pools? The Dawn of a New Financial Instrument

16 Jun 2020 7 minute read 7 comments KnewMoney

Where are the Index Funds?     First, there are very few times that something actually new comes along in Crypto. Currency, smart contracts, DAO’s, synthetic assets, they each came in and changed the game respectively. The Crypto space is high risk a...


Who is behind Statera (STA)?

18 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

04 August 2020
It did. Maybe he was getting spammed a lot and went private, understandable. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have linked to his profile, he is somewhat public and it’s clear he is connected, but it is still a semi-dox... I’ll leave it as the broken link for now. Thanks for the kind words and support!

Statera Just Put Forward a Billion Dollar Market Cap Whitepaper

18 Jul 2020 KnewMoney

18 July 2020
Thanks for the heads up, fixed the link. Gives you 5-18% interest on your Crypto, is it safe?

11 Jul 2020 KnewMoney

12 July 2020
Blockfi hasn’t released a card yet. Their savings accounts are awesome. They are one of the most legit places to hold crypto and gain interest on it, imo. Their interest rates can be a bit lower, but they make up for it in legitimacy (a lot of venture funding, based in US, storage by Gemini, etc.) Gives you 5-18% interest on your Crypto, is it safe?

11 Jul 2020 KnewMoney

12 July 2020
No, it covers “physical damage or destruction, and third-party theft” of funds. So basically a hacker stealing from their cold storage or if something catastrophic happens and their cold storage is destroyed.

The Simple Math to Why Statera Could Hit a One Billion Dollar Market Cap

4 Jul 2020 KnewMoney

05 July 2020
Definitely, can't search people by username in Telegram though, if you join the Statera Telegram group I'll be able to see you though.

The Simple Math to Why Statera Could Hit a One Billion Dollar Market Cap

4 Jul 2020 KnewMoney

05 July 2020 is the best place to go, follow their links.

What is a Deflationary Index Fund and What does it Mean for Crypto?

16 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

17 June 2020
Valid concerns, I would say the pie is a lot larger than you are giving it credit for, i.e. not quite as zero sum as you make it out to be. It is definitely all a big experiment and it will be interesting to see if, in the long run, STA is good for holders AND good for balancer pools (and possibly index funds in general in crypto), there is definitely enough money and room for both to be true. There is also a world where deflationary index funds become a normal way to jumpstart and support the health of crypto index funds (and possibly other unforeseen instruments, awarding early adopters with lowering supply over time just like BNB, KNC, and so many others), or become a different asset class entirely. The value they provide outweighing the value they themselves gain, just like the many alternative funds and indexes that exist in the "real" world (although some would argue even that is a waste of resources, but it didn't stop it from becoming a trillion dollar business, so you would've been wrong to invest or bet against it). I don't know how it will play out but I don't see either extreme happening: STA draining the blood from Balancer and destroying it or Balancer destroying STA because it doesn't need the added usage, liquidity, interest (people simply hearing about BP through STA or checking into it because of the uniqueness of STA), and utility. But I accept that no one future is the sure outcome, it is an exciting time to pay attention though!

What is a Deflationary Index Fund and What does it Mean for Crypto?

16 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

17 June 2020
Another great question. So, I'd look at it from three angles: 1. STA is basically a utility and ecosystem token made for Balancer Pools (BP). Let's look at a similar token: Kyber Network Coin, as more trading and action happens on Kyber, just like Statera it is burned. KNC also incentivizes and is tied to liquidity creation of the Kyber network. So is Kyber, whose use is to "stimulate trading other valuable assets, increasing it's own price," an abuse of Kyber? Now of course it is different because Kyber runs KNC. STA works to reduce the spreads, increase the fees paid to pools, and increase liquidity of BP. This is definitely a new situation, someone making a utility token for a platform that isn't the platform, but I wouldn't be so quick to say the utility is useless and not worth the price. 2. STA is a single token that can be found on any decentralized exchange, so you can instantly buy one token which represents the price action of four other tokens. Again, that in and of itself is valuable. Instead of buying Link, SNX, ETH, and BTC I just buy STA. Might you be paying a premium in buying STA rather than just the other 4 alone, possibly (we don't know yet), but people pay "expense ratios" all the time for all kinds of financial instruments, so this wouldn't be a deal breaker. 3. STA, by being in the index fund, makes the supply of the overall index fund go down, it is also much more nascent and small cap than the others. Which basically makes it a LEVERAGED bet on the other four tokens. It will go up more than the others if it all works out. Imagine if someone made a deflationary S&P 500 index, I don't know what that would look like or what it would mean, but that's a value proposition. So the utility of STA: driving liquidity, reducing spreads, and increasing trades on Balancer (increasing fees paid to, and utility for, users), giving one token access to a balancer pool (tradeable anywhere even outside of BP, pulling in users and accessing capital outside of BP). Providing a new financial instrument: Deflationary Index Fund, which is new and who knows what that is "worth". This is all really new, and we don't know where it will lead...

What is a Deflationary Index Fund and What does it Mean for Crypto?

16 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

17 June 2020
Great question, thanks for the comment! All of the STA has been released in the wild, the developer kept 4% for himself the rest was earmarked to be put on exchanges or airdropped to past token holders who held his coins before STA, a majority are (and have been) distributed through exchanges, mostly Uniswap. STA is fully decentralized: a living autonomous smart contract so it is no longer controlled by anyone, it's up to the community to make it grow, or not. STA doesn't drain money from the system, on the contrary it attracts money, liquidity, and trading to the system. STA is a single token you can buy on Uniswap, Kyber, Bancor (currently only Uniswap) that gives you access to the gains from the Balancer Pool(s) it is in (currently just the one). So it is a one click, one token, access to participating in Balancer Pools. The deflation also encourages more interaction in Balancer Pools. It has a symbiotic relationship with Balancer Pools, they benefit each other. Yes anyone could make another STA, just like anyone could make (and has made), another "better" Bitcoin. First mover advantage and network effect are HUGE in this space. That being said it has been out for weeks and no one has duplicated it, so it may be harder than you think. However, if someone comes along and makes a better STA, I'll be the first to invest, like I said, the concept and technology make so much economic sense.

What are Balancer Pools? The Dawn of a New Financial Instrument

16 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

17 June 2020
Thanks so much! I enjoyed digging into it!

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We are pleased to announce that we have a full Smart Contract Audit Report from Hacken. The Report can be viewed through our Github account linked below. Statera Team would like to take this opportunity to thank our community members for their patien...



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