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19 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

Digital currency, the alternative to real cash, decentralized crypto currency, that can be securely stashed. No need for a bank, no central authority, worldwide currency exchanges, this means no digital minorities. Encrypted digital wallets on smart...

Bit, Bit, Bitcoin

19 Mar 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Coin_seed_dent

I’ve heard lots about BitcoinBut don’t know what it is.So, I’ve begun a researchTo follow up the biz.Bitcoin must mean something,Though the term sounds strange.Does it replace the billing?Or maybe it’s just change?As to what ‘Bitcoin’ is,I still hav...

10 Ways to making money with Bitcoin

19 Mar 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

So you want to get your hands on some free bitcoin, eh? By now, you might have heard of how you can make money with bitcoin, magic internet money and digital currency that can be traded or used to make purchases. This digital money uses encryption to...

Hackers are making fake coronavirus tracking apps

17 Mar 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

Hackers are making fake coronavirus tracking apps that are actually ransomware,claiming to leak social media accounts and delete a phone’s storage unless a victim pays $100 in bitcoin The concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak are being expl...

The stock market’s fear gauge is spiking — now near its highest level since financial crisis

17 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

The Cboe Volatility Index, or VIX, surged to as high as 76 on Monday – near levels last seen during the financial crisis. The index is the preferred measure of fear on Wall Street, and it generally spikes during times of heightened buying or selling...


17 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

The coronavirus is upending the world in ways we usually associate with war, revolution, or terrifying natural disasters like a volcano. On a global scale, the outbreak is still just beginning. It has been decades since so much of the world has expe...

‘This is war’: Stocks, oil, Treasury yields, and bitcoin plunge as the Fed’s rate cut fails to allay coronavirus fears

17 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

Stocks, oil, Treasury yields, and bitcoin dropped on Monday as investors worried about coronavirus choking growth despite the Federal Reserve’s surprise interest-rate cut on Sunday. The US central bank cut rates by a full percentage point to between...

How to earn XRP and Instantly Payout

10 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Coin_seed_dent

WAYS OF EARNING XRP Link: 1. You need to signup first, click the link above.  2. After signing, you need to click the Change Wallet Address  in the Dashboard and put your XRP Address and destination tag correctly. 3. Fi...

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Publish0x! 1 Month= 175 BAT: Reflections GET DAT BAT

20 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments FarewelltoMinds

What's good folks?  I've been on this platform for about a month. I decided to look at my articles, do a round up, and try to make some sense of the data in terms of what articles have been successful here and what have not been.  In total I've earne...

What is Ontology (ONT)? — 'Blockchain to the Masses' — Beginner's Guide

20 Mar 2020 5 minute read comments cryptomagis

One thing is certain in every efficacious family where there are love and progress – it transmits to generations to come. This phenomenon is evident in the sibling relationship between NEO and Ontology. Ontology is the younger brother of NEO. And sin...

BitWarden And LastPass Have Overlooked The Human Element In Network Security Passwords

19 Mar 2020 7 minute read comments Smoljanović

BitWarden And LastPass May Have Overlooked The Human Element In Network Security Passwords Network Security Password With Cryptocurrency Transactions Apps, wallets and websites connecting to the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple networks require a high l...

Bitcoin panicking again, bizarre scenes on the cryptomarket

17 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments DoRi

Image source Last week we thought the Bitcoin might recover after the worst crash in its history. This Monday morning we came out cheated. The panic on the financial markets and therefore on the cryptomarket is becoming more and more apparent. I offe...

What You Missed About Bitcoin's Wild Ride

17 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments MarkHelfman

Hey wanted to share very quickly a message I pushed out to everybody who subscribes to my premium newsletter, Crypto is Easy. I won't go thru the whole post, but thought I would share a very brief idea from it. Read below. I'd love to hear your comme...

Join BANANO's Free & Fair Crypto Distribution: Faucet Game 'Black Monkey' Round 31 Starting Shortly!

10 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments banano

BANANO is a unique project distributing all coins free and fair through faucets, giveaways and airdrops. BANANO is a fork of NANO, which means all transactions are near-instant and feeless, and all this is paired with education and gamification! Maki...

CoinGecko AMA Winners (March 2020)

6 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments CoinGecko

Hi guys, thank you very much for participating in our very first AMA on Publish0x. You guys really surprised us with the number of questions and I tried my best to answer all of you as much as I can. We have selected the winners for this AMA. Here ar...

How to Earn Crypto by Publishing AND Reading Content on Publish0x - a Simple Mini Guide

26 Nov 2018 4 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic platform through which content publishers AND their readers can earn crypto. When you publish content, your readers can tip you. Tips are free and come from our rewards pool! A tip is split between author and reader. *T...


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