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Why CryptoCurrency Adoption is Slow in South Africa

14 Jul 2020 3 minute read 1 comment Jaemoney

Introduction I believe in the transformative power of cryptocurrency. I think that it can fundamentally change our society for the better. Not only do I think it represents a leap forward in how we use money, but I also think it lays the foundations...

The Black Plague Returns - Do we really Need another Pandemic?

10 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Jaemoney

Introduction The Black Plague also known as the Black Death has killed more people than any other pandemic in the history of the world. During the 14th century it killed 50 million people. To put that into perspective, the entire country of Columbia...

The Science behind why Vegans are Happy

8 Jul 2020 3 minute read 6 comments Jaemoney

Introduction If you've been Vegan for a fair amount of time, you will find that you're more chilled. You will find that you're more calm and your mind is settled. Dare I say that you feel happier than you used to feel - I know that's certainly the ca...

Breakfast is the Simplest Meal to Veganize

3 Jul 2020 2 minute read 3 comments Jaemoney

It's pretty clear that more people are intrigued by Veganism. It's obvious why; you save your health, you save the animals, you save the planet and it prevents pandemics. The advert writes itself! Many people are still uncertain about how to make the...

If Corporations Invest in Art, Shouldn't You?

1 Jul 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Jaemoney

I have worked in a number of corporations throughout my career, and I found it quite odd that many of them had these remarkable art galleries. It really took me by surprise, but nevertheless being an artist myself I was extremely happy to explore the...

Support Workers and the #BoycottMeat Movement

30 Jun 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Jaemoney

Introduction News reports around the world highlight that we are failing to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control. In fact, things are getting worse. The United States is seeing a massive resurgence in COVID-19 cases and countries like China and So...

Jack Vettriano – The Singing Butler

29 Jun 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Jaemoney

I absolutely adore this painting. It’s a painting by Jack Vettriano – it’s called The Singing Butler and it was produced in 1992. As I recall, I first saw it when I was a kid. I liked it back then and I’m still enchanted with it now. Since it was pai...

Anarchism - The Best Form of Democracy?

28 Jun 2020 3 minute read 2 comments Jaemoney

Introduction I am a huge fan of Star Trek. Even to this day I still re-watch it. There's so much to like about that Star Trek. I like the space flight, I like the adventure, I like the technology and of course I like the compelling alien cultures tha...

Guys should do Yoga.

21 Jun 2020 2 minute read 2 comments Jaemoney

A good few years ago I decided to try out rock climbing. Having been inspired by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2, this seemed like a super fun thing do. I went to a remote region in northern Gauteng and under the supervision of an excellent rock c...

World Meat Free Week 15-21 June 2020

19 Jun 2020 2 minute read 2 comments Jaemoney

We're all spoilt for choice these days. Our meat free options for meals are increasing in leaps and bounds. Everywhere you look there are alternative meat products. Even the most ravenous carnivore would be satiated by the delicious wonderful tastes...


How profitable is providing liquidity on Uniswap really?

21 Aug 2020 TMod_Marco

21 August 2020
Wow!! Nice Job :) I tried providing liquidity for ETH-BAT and ETH-CEL a long while ago and it did good - but your results are Fantastic. I'll check out uniswap liquidity again. But most of these pairs on uniswapROI I've never heard of before. I'll need to research them.

Africa and Cryptocurrency

19 Aug 2020 fetinafety

19 August 2020
Hey man, Nice to see you diving into BTC. I'm from South Africa and we're adopting BTC slowly but surely. One of these days I'll visit Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles - sounds like brilliant places. Try using www.localbitcoins.com or www.localcyrpto.com. That's peer-to-peer so you might get your BTC that way.


17 Aug 2020 Leo_kitti

17 August 2020
It's refreshing getting to see some creative writing here😊 I like it. Great stuff!! I do prefer more to see more space between paragraphs though for an easier read. Cute read and a perfect length💯

Foodbook #311 Greek traditional gemista

24 Jul 2020 Krevasilis

24 July 2020
Yum!!! I look at all those colours and I know this is going to taste Great😋

Scientists indentify mysterious algae digesting massive amounts of coral

21 Jul 2020 DaLuSt

21 July 2020
Thanks for posting this. There needs to be more awareness of these early warning signs. These coral reefs harbor a lot of life and it's a travesty that we're not protecting them more. Liked and tipped!

How to Use Balancer - Token Swaps & Pool Management [Detailed Tutorial]

14 Jul 2020 D3F1

17 July 2020
Excellent info!! I'm checking out Zerion - it looks very useful. 😊💯

92 Bitcoins were traded in Argentina last week

16 Jul 2020 Permabull

16 July 2020
Excellent Post!! Very Informative. This is solid data that confirms a lot of news. It is great to see so many Argentinians hodling BTC. I was shocked to learn that Argentina has the lowest cost BTC in the world and here in South Africa we've got the second most expensive.

DAOs, the next big thing after social media

14 Jul 2020 Aragon-Official

16 July 2020
Great Article!! I like the thinking. DAO will do a whole lot more!


15 Jul 2020 cryptoforcanadians

16 July 2020
This is bad for Twitter!! Thanks for the warning. People really need to start getting their BS detectors levelled up. And YouTube is no better - they've got these scam crypto adverts there too. But it's hilarious to think the richest men in the world; Bezos, Buffet and Gates would be asking you for BTC - obvious scam. Thanks for the PSA.

How to Use Balancer - Token Swaps & Pool Management [Detailed Tutorial]

14 Jul 2020 D3F1

14 July 2020
Great Article!! I might try using Balancer. I've only provided liquidity to Uniswap before. Why would anyone use one over the other?? They look like they do the same thing. Also, it certainly appears like I earned well providing liquidity, but I honestly couldn't tell how much - how do you determine by how much the initial investment has increased by??

Blockchain Will Save Democracy !!

13 Jul 2020 Ashma

13 July 2020
Excellent Article!! Pleasure to Read it!

My experience using Compound to earn interest on BAT.

12 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

12 July 2020
Excellent Article!! Great to hear your positive experience with it. I put in a fair amount of BAT into Compound a few weeks back when the APY was pumping at 24%. I recall paying a hefty fee on gas and now if I want to take it out at APY 0.1% I'll pay a massive fee too 😭😭 ETH gas fees are horrible. I've got the Trust Wallet installed so I'll give it go. What are the fees like on Trust Wallet???

The Science behind why Vegans are Happy

8 Jul 2020 Jaemoney

12 July 2020
Thanks so much for reading the post! I Appreciate it😊🌈 I prefer to stick to actual Science, my Asian cultures four thousand year history of Vegetarianism, Ethics and Buddhas teaching of non violence. Besides if Psychology's leading luminary Jordan Peterson is a crackhead, I don't think we can take that newbie science too seriously. Psychology is lowcap altcoin and Science is Bitcoin. May Happiness and Kindness shine brightly upon you 😊🙏 Stack those Sats!!

Foodbook #298 spinach and rice – Spanakorizo

11 Jul 2020 Krevasilis

11 July 2020
Liked and Tipped. Looks totally Yummy 😋 I love that it can be Vegan. It's seem like it's a traditional rustic dish and I notice that all the old school dishes are always loaded with veggies.

ShapeShift Decentralized Exchange with ZERO FEES!

10 Jul 2020 MaddCryptoDogg

11 July 2020
Thanks for the article. I used to use Shapeshift back in the day. I'm not a fan anymore because the last time I checked you had to KYC and now you've got to use this specific Portis wallet. I found it to be quite cumbersome. It doesn't feel very decentralized to me. Am I wrong about this? Something like DyDx or Uniswap feel decentralised.

CBT view of Cryptocurrency

10 Jul 2020 Cryptopsycho21

10 July 2020
Very Nice Article!! Thank You. I wouldn't mind hearing more from this perspective.

The Science behind why Vegans are Happy

8 Jul 2020 Jaemoney

09 July 2020
Don't Worry, Be Happy 😊🙏🌈

Why hasn't the DeFi Craze Affected Ethereum's Price!?

6 Jul 2020 johnwege

06 July 2020
Thank you!! I've actually been wondering about this a lot. This article explained much about the static eth price.

Liked Articles

Dash Product Update - September 6th, 2020

6 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Fernando Gutierrez - Dash Core Group

This post was republished from the Dash Core Group blog. The original post can be found here. ---- Hello, Dash community! Dash Core Group is a decentralized and remote team that continues to deliver on the promise of financial freedom. Here’s what’s...

Loopring Protocol 3.6: Features and Challenges, EDCON Presentation

23 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments LRC Moderator

  Loopring protocol has its much anticipated v3.6 upgrade coming in Q4 2020. This version is robust and feature-full enough that we envision it can actually allow Layer 2 to make a dent in the current Ethereum congestion, and support many millions of...

How profitable is providing liquidity on Uniswap really?

21 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments TMod_Marco

For those of you who don’t know Uniswap, Uniswap is the most popular and used decentralized exchange at this moment. It’s clear we’re in some kind of ‘altcoin season’ at the moment, and ERC-20 tokens have been booming. With that, decentralized exchan...

Barstool Sports CEO Screams "Let's Pump & Dump $OXT" on Live Stream

19 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

Following his recent purchase of Bitcoin (BTC), Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy appears to be deepening his interest in cryptocurrencies, this time calling for a bold pump and dump of the Orchid Protocol token during a live stream on August 17. Por...

Why Crypto is the Best Investment in 2020 (1 of 2).

18 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments rah

I was a sceptic. I might have already told you that? I am financially trained and have been completing book keeping services through my company and completing tax and VAT returns for years. I have also advised on the setting up of charitable accounts...


17 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Leo_kitti

David had come across many women in his lifetime but Gloria was different. There was something peculiar about her that stirred up something in him. As he glanced around the restaurant, he searched his heart for that thing that made her different and...

Why privacy coins will trend again.

14 Aug 2020 5 minute read comments Dzoelx

  keep grinning! Source Before DeFi projects sent goosebumps across the crypto space, before proof-of-stake coins made their way to the crypto space and introduced the idea of ‘passive income’ which was well received by cryptocurrency enthusiast befo...

Ethereum Transactions Now More Expensive Than a Meal in Brazil

13 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments TheDesertLynx

The typical cost of an Ethereum transaction has now passed the cost of a meal in Brazil, as well as the cost of a Bitcoin transaction. Blockchain data by BitInfoCharts shows that the median transaction fee for Ethereum, or what a user may typically...



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