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Its Bodhi Baby

I am a 35 year old student of life. I learn the hard way and sometimes that works out for me and other times it does not. I'm hilarious and the situations I get myself into are hilarious. You'll love reading about me I'm sure of it!!

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Its Bodhi Baby

Mental Health Art

17 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Its Bodhi Baby

Mental health is not talked about enough nor is there anywhere enough resources to help people who need the help the most. As someone who suffers with his mental health I am always looking for things that encourage me to want to continue to fight, co...

Sleep Terrors

17 Dec 2019 3 minute read 0 comments Its Bodhi Baby

A lot of people do not know this about me but I am in recovery. What that means is that I abstain from all drugs and alcohol. I do not use any medicines except my mental health medicine and only that because if I do not take that I will get really cr...

No Sleep

16 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Its Bodhi Baby

So I am a member of Reddit because why wouldn't I be? Reddit is amazing and I can write thing on there too, find news, etc., etc. Well I found this forum called No Sleep where authors submit realistic horror stories. Their catch phrase is "Everything...

Morning Drama

12 Dec 2019 2 minute read 2 comments Its Bodhi Baby

So I live with a roommate and she has mental health issues.  I wont go into what they are here but they are not nice.  I am nice enough to take her to work in the mornings AND pick her back up from work in the evenings.  I am starting to think she do...

Lazy Day

10 Dec 2019 1 minute read 3 comments Its Bodhi Baby

I have been awake since like 7 this morning and I have just been laying in bed smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. I am the definition of lazy today. I have some errand I need to run in about 30 minutes and I am definitely not getting ready for t...


Lazy Day

10 Dec 2019 Its Bodhi Baby

12 December 2019
I have horrible anxiety as well, I just drink it anyway. I enjoy the taste of coffee and figure I am going to have anxiety with or without it so why not. I hope yours isnt to bad today! have a good day!!

Roulette of life

12 Dec 2019 KiBLS

12 December 2019
I absolutely love your work!!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks are on the Rise

9 Dec 2019 Matthew Rosenquist

11 December 2019
Nice Read! I enjoy reading about cyber security and was surprised at how many exchanges got hit last year. One does think that it would be a bit more economical to spend a bit more on security than to find out your security was not up to par like these exchanges did.

Are You Really Ready for Bitcoin to "Moon" ?

10 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

11 December 2019
I love this post. I had not even thought of that as an issue until reading this. Thank you!

What are We Afraid of?

10 Dec 2019 DrMind

10 December 2019
This is the first blog post of your that I have read and I will be reading more! I enjoyed it! Keep writing!

The "real dream"

10 Dec 2019 KiBLS

10 December 2019
I love your work! Keep on writing and creating!

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Interested in more that is offered. Discovering what makes us think the way we do and how we can improve ourselves thru daily reflection.


Half a nerd, half an artist. Currently re-building and regrouping myself as mercury drops. Exploring life and daring to accept my own humanity.