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Decentralized Vpn orchid iphone client test. Loaded a little position in OXT

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Introduction Why is the VPN topic so important? From statista, the market of VPN services is expected to explode in the next years. Here the data:     In my previous post about orchid-oxt after having described the advantages of orchid vpn on the co...

Cryptocurrency assessment template applied to Orchid (oxt)

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Criptocurrency assessment template applied to Orchid (oxt) Introduction In this post I focus my attention on a relatively new coin: orchid (oxt). After it has been listed in coinbase there have been some discussion and skepticism. I feel that it is m...

Blockchain assessment template applied to stellar

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Blockchain assessment template When reading about a blockchain implementation which is different than the first ones, bitcoin and ethereum, I have realized how it is important to have a kind of compass to assess what we are confronting with. I have s...