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19 May 2020 4 minute read 10 comments Bakreemah

…a smart contract deflationary token within a portfolio of selective coins/token built on the Ethereum blockchain. INTRODUCTION BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING, DEFI IS EVOLVING! Blockchain technology is changing the World forever, over the past de...

GreenEnjers (African Enjin Community-Unofficical)

16 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Bakreemah

Am assuming we all know how this all began...Well, a lot is happening in the Blockchain Industry.So many innovations, so many talented people.Am not an expert or a tech guy, am just another random dumb guy.Of all the Blockchain innovations, I found B...



19 May 2020 Bakreemah

06 June 2020
lol... Don't be flabbergasted mate!


19 May 2020 Bakreemah

25 May 2020
At the moment, it is kinda difficult to explain how the rebalance works through as it is complicated in a way, but rest assured, things are working out the way we want it. For more answers to your question, visit our telegram community channel and we will have more time to ourselves! cheers.


19 May 2020 Bakreemah

25 May 2020
Yes the smart-contract buys STA in order to rebalance. If the underlying assets in the portfolio go up then STA will also gain value.


19 May 2020 Bakreemah

24 May 2020
45% supply is STA inside the smart-contract multi-pool. STA + the other 7 tokens are not fixed as yet, as the contract is not finalized. We will have a group vote on our community channel on which 7 tokens would be permanently inside the contract then we can finalize it. here is the wallet holding the portfolio:


19 May 2020 Bakreemah

21 May 2020
You welcome. STA is pretty new on chain.

Liquidity: Its not as important as you think

31 Aug 2019 viraladmin

01 September 2019
Your article is very much enlightening! And this is truly one of the major problems cryptocurrency projects is facing!

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