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Step by step into crypto investing from tips

11 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments GFreud

One of the reasons I didn't start early in crypto space is it had too many speculators and still does, as well as was too young to understand the complexity of economics, and preferred old-school "stable" solutions. But things turned around quite int...

Bitcoin Has Saved His Family

11 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments GFreud

This is an essay about the importance of decentralization.   The story is about a Venezuelan, whose fortune, family needs in an inflating economy with political dictatorship and other financial freedoms are finally reached through cryptocurrencies, s...


Presearch Token Swap Coming

2 Oct 2020 Presearch

02 October 2020
Great? Hell, no. For every major hack, such freezing/swapping funds type of event is the definition of centralized control. I much rather prefer blacklisting scam addresses on centralized exchanges than centralization of tokens/blockchains. Not mentioning regulators side, which can make these actions more complex to pull off.

I will buy ethereum instead of Bitcoin. Here’s why.

30 Sep 2020 Dzoelx

30 September 2020
There are decent ETH layer-2 solutions like Matic, Loopring (yep, the same tipping token on this platform), etc...

Will DCEP become a major crypto player?

25 Sep 2020 rah

26 September 2020
That's why we need to explain this to average Joe, the difference between private and public blockchains.

Stellar Consensus: A Decentralized Payment Protocol

7 Sep 2020

08 September 2020
How is it any better than XRP? What are XLM drawbacks? Shilling much...

Ethereum 2.0 - The Problem Coin

3 Sep 2020 Thomas Wolf

07 September 2020
Don't forget gas-free coins are prone to DDoS attacks because it doesn't require any power or contribution to spam the gas-free networks with useless blocks and crumble them. Moreover, you need smart contracts, which require even more computation power, to revive such coins ;)

How HODLing is losing you money

6 Sep 2020 ScreenTag

07 September 2020
There are lending platforms so you can earn additionally on your holdings. Not all of us care about being traders. The average trader is a more of a gambler than a market analyst. Buffet isn't a trader but one of the richest public people. There is difference between investing and trading...

Passive Crypto Earnings August 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

2 Sep 2020 costanza

03 September 2020
If you are from US, BlockFi is having a bit of indigestion, they reduced the 6% rate they used to pay to only the first 2.5 BTC as of yesterday and it is 3.2% after that so meanwhile @CelsiusNetwork is a better deal with 6.2% for first 5 BTC and 4.51% thereafter.

Cake DeFi – A Fully Transparent Lending Platform with the Potential to Revolutionize

28 Aug 2020 Crypto Adventure

29 August 2020
DeFi and KYC doesn't seem to belong in same manner...

Will Quantum Computing Break Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies?

27 Aug 2020 NOWPayments

28 August 2020
You know without miners, there won't be transactions ;) Only reward they will get after all coins are mines will come from transaction fees.

A Slight Change in My Crypto Strategy

25 Aug 2020 rah

25 August 2020
Coinbase is still hungry, is it fees or the new earning platform, 2% is disrespectful. There are so many lending platforms which offer around 8-11% and have the similar or same custodials just like Coinbase. In the transparency and regulations' aspect, the best right now is Celsius Network.

Everything You Should Be Using In Crypto: Part 3/4 - DeFi

19 Aug 2020 walkonwayvs

20 August 2020
By mentioning Nexo, check out CEL, the token of Celsius Network, much more transparent and decent lending platform.

Skip High ETH & BTC Fees By Using This Technique

18 Aug 2020 Sapphire

19 August 2020
Sometimes you need to try out, just like when you entered the crypto world ;)

Cleaning and refactoring my android project

29 Mar 2020 Alexandru-Balan

16 August 2020
First step for IDE refactoring, dark mode ;) Anyway, nice job :D

How Digital Collectibles Outperform Their Physical Counterparts

11 Aug 2020 BlockchainAuthor

13 August 2020
Without power, current banks would not operate. Please for the sake of proper logic, stop with stupid questions...

Cardano Explained

10 Aug 2020 NOWNodes

11 August 2020
Haskell? With this dinosaur language, there will be much less development talents to contribute...

Young people interested in BTC, why will this increase its value?

9 Aug 2020 Roberto D.

10 August 2020
True, but physical gold is hard to "carry around" and you need to take care of putting it in proper safes. Bringing up gold mines ETFs or other types of gold funds, which are still dollar corralleted assets you still need to believe they fund managers won't lie to you or mining spot won't be suspended. One of many reasons smart gold users don't prefer gold mines. Moreover, there are gold tokens like TetherGold or PAXGold, which seems to be more convenient than mining funds, but still the trust factor is there.

🔨 Easy “Bitcoin Mining” And Earn Up to 4.84% Interest?

5 Aug 2020

06 August 2020
Yeah, freedom of speech, but you forgot about the responsibility behind straight-up lies like "requires users to join their program which needs upfront membership payment" on Celsius is delusional. On the other hand, has insane lock times and high amount of stakes to make it worth.... "Credibility and the user experience"? Does Nexo have either of those? 1. All of the allegations around Chainlink shortings. 2. Not transparent about its regulations. 3. A lady on a guy on Twitter, who is saying to repeat after him "Nexo". 4. They have a development team in a country, which residents aren't allowed to use its service. Meanwhile in their job offerings is mentioned: "Bonus options available in tokens". Where will they deposit those tokens? :)

🔨 Easy “Bitcoin Mining” And Earn Up to 4.84% Interest?

5 Aug 2020

06 August 2020
You didn't "clarify" about BlockFi ;) I'm not myself invested into it, but it will be good to mention important aspects about it as a neutral source, will you?

🔨 Easy “Bitcoin Mining” And Earn Up to 4.84% Interest?

5 Aug 2020

06 August 2020
Which platform are you talking about :D ? Meanwhile, my try-out on Celsius was around 0.50$ worth of BCH with a bunch of deposits like 0.02$, tell me how many of the other platforms support such deposits? After I got a bunch of weekly interest earned, I was in with my BTC. If an "inclusive" platform can't support 0.50$ customers, it don't deserve any type of customers.

🔨 Easy “Bitcoin Mining” And Earn Up to 4.84% Interest?

5 Aug 2020

05 August 2020
Not mentioning other popular options as Celsius Network and BlockFi isn't alright... which are as much as competitive or even have better interest rate on BTC.

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6 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments UncleScr00ge

  Flama is the first deflationary token on the market which is ready right now to build decentralized applications with enhanced features such as staking. $FMA should basically work as a store of value, and staking is already enabled on their sites....



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