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Dark Country

Dark Country is american gothic game world with items, created, owned and managed by players. Dark Country supports Ethereum, EOS, TRX, WAX and other networks. Also we support any other regular currency and cryptocurrency.

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Dark Country

Dark Country items now for sale on OpenSea NFT marketplace

4 days ago 1 minute read comments Dark Country

a rite of initiation was held successfully https://darkcountry.io/   We are happy to announce that now you can buy Dark Country NFT items on OpenSea NFT marketplace Due to this event we announce a magical offer for our users 50% off Bundle with guar...

Join massive Dark Country’s NFT-drop

2 weeks ago 1 minute read comments Dark Country

  darkcountry.io According to the last 2019 NFT yearly report from nonfungible.com, NFT market will get 50% cap growth up to $316 M and 30% players increment in 2020. To make this forecast real we should to contribute as well. As a part of NFT ecosys...

Dark Country project: Current stage

2 weeks ago 1 minute read comments Dark Country

As we can all see, Dark Country Exodus cards sale has been ended. This stage was designed for early adopters, that will support project from the early beginning. And the result was fantastic — there where more than 1500 Exodus packs sold! Thank you f...

Announcing Dark Country project: CCG based game, esports and co-creation platform

2 weeks ago 5 minute read comments Dark Country

darkcountry.io The world of gaming is huge. Every day billions of transactions in gaming industry done trying to make player more satisfied and self convinced. Players spend huge amounts of money for fun and to feel himself standing out, not like eve...