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In the process of creating the Crypto Cousins Network. My first 2 shows are the Crypto Cousins Podcast located at https://CryptoCousins.com and the 4 Minute Crypto Show located at https://4MinuteCrypto.com. I have also created https://CryptoCrybaby.com.

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Switzerland’s Biggest Online Retailer Accepting Bitcoin

13 hours ago Gary Leland $0.03 (8.1120 BNTY)

Swiss customers of Digitec and Galaxus can now pay with Bitcoin when shopping online. BitBlockBoom! - Take a look at the TRUE Bitcoin Conference coming to Dallas, Texas at https://BitBlockBoom.com Enable & listen to future episodes on your ALEXA...

Bitcoin Will Skyrocket If Andrew Yang Becomes President

1 day ago Gary Leland $0.01 (1.9256 BNTY)

Andrew Yang, who will run as a Democrat candidate for president supports Universal Basic Income which would inflate the money supply and likely cause prices to rise in turn, the price of Bitcoin would likely rise as well. BitBlockBoom! - Take a look...

Twitter CEO Spending $10,000 a Week on Bitcoin

4 days ago Gary Leland $0.03 (9.6019 BNTY)

Jack Dorsey was recently on Tales from the Crypt and spoke on what parallels he sees between Bitcoin and Twitter. Speaking about Stacking Satoshi Saturday he said that he saw the Stacking Satoshi Saturday would have participated but he have already...