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I am in the process of creating the Crypto Podcaster Network. My shows are the Crypto Cousins Podcast and the 4 Minute Crypto Show. I also produce the BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference. See everything I produce at

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Gary Leland

Bitcoin Addresses Worth $100,000 or More Hit All Time High #384

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Multiple data sources reveal that the number of Bitcoin wallet addresses holding a minimum of 10 Bitcoins has hit an all time high. According to the Bitcoin Rich List put out by BitInfoCharts, there are 157,210 addresses holding between 10 and 1 mil...

Will CryptoKitties New Blockchain Flow Be The Next Ethereum Killer? #383

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According to a report by Forbes, Warner Music Group, is one of a number of investors looking into a new public blockchain for the digital kitties. #BTC #crypto #virtualcurrency #Bitcoin

Will Trump Ban Bitcoin When It Reaches $100,000? #382

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Tom Lee vented concerns about lawmakers’ power to wipe out entire markets overnight. Lee noted previous negative comments about crypto by President Trump and his administration. https:...

Bitcoin QR Code Scams Found on Google Search Pages #381

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Researchers have discovered that the majority of links returned in Google search pages for Bitcoin QR code generators are for fake or scammy websites. #...

79% of Bitcoin Addresses Are Showing A Profit, Will They Sell?

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Year to date, Bitcoin has gained some 200%, rallying from around $3,500 to $10,000. While bitcoin whales have undoubtedly benefited from this, data suggests that a good majority of Bitcoin users are also profitable.

40% of Millennials Look to Crypto in the Event of Recession

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  In a recent survey conducted among 1,000 online investors more than 2/3 of U.S. based investors are afraid of a recession & would consider converting part of their stock portfolios to safer investments or hedge with crypto assets, commodities or r...

Bitcoin Millionaire Jumps From Balcony to Flee Armed Burglar

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An attempted robbery ended with a crypto multimillionaire jumping from his second floor balcony. The individual in his 40's had been in the public spotlight for having made over 11 million dollars in the crypto space.

4 Facts About Bitcoin You May Not Know

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Today I am going to give you four facts about bitcoin that newcomers to Bitcoin and veteran Bitcoiners alike may find interesting #BTC #crypto #virtualcurrency #Bitcoin

Trump’s Trade War Driving Chinese to Bitcoin?

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As the Chinese Yuan falls in value due to factors like the ongoing trade war with the United States, there are signs that locals are increasingly moving funds into Bitcoin. https://4Mi...

Call For Congress To Place Effective Ban On Bitcoin Mining

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On September 3rd, an expert witness went before Congress and testified that at minimum, miners should be required to govern participation in their validation systems, with well designed programs for vetting the issuers, exchangers, and custodians th...