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My experience using the Coinpot/Mooncoin Faucets

21 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Crafty Chiron

As I am new the crypto world I decided to try my hand with a currency that I received from faucets before I use some of my own money. To that end I have tried a few difference faucets. Some are good and some can drive you mad. This is my experience u...

Hello everyone. I'm new here

19 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Crafty Chiron

I am new to this community and new to the world of crypto currency in general. Like most people over the past ten years or so, I had heard about crypto currency and block chain technology. I have never paid much attention to it until I installed the...


Top 5 Staking Coins in 2020!

18 Apr 2020 GoldCryptoRanger

21 April 2020
My current staking KYDC and SCC

Top new features I'd like to see in Publish0x in 2020

15 Feb 2020 DimitarM

15 February 2020
Nice article. As a reader I feel that there is an imbalance in the way the tips are distributed. I seems like the first tip of the day give the most and then less as you tip other authors. So it feels like last author that I tip gets short changed. I would like it if each tip was worth the same percentage as that would make it more fair and maybe also weighted evenly between the 3 difference crypto currencies.

The BANANO Blog at Publish0x now has 1000 Followers! Let's do a Publish0x-Exclusive Giveaway!

14 Feb 2020 banano

14 February 2020
Love the Banano community that you guys and girls have created. All the best ban_154az9166be64r6tgx93f9ixwwzbz8qgsfsjzn7joean7te5ik74hrtjyd6y

5 Low Market Cap Coins You Should Be Looking At!

5 Feb 2020 KeenanRIVALS

06 February 2020
Cool article. Would you ever write a bit more in depth about a single coin? (CraftyChiron)

No more BAT Fluctuation?

22 Jan 2020 circuitops

22 January 2020
I have an issue with ads been seen between 02:00 - 04:00 (I noticed during a bout of insomnia). I have message them on Reddit. They are currently investigating

GUESS WHAT WIN 3 BAT #2 (and edition #1 winners)

17 Jan 2020 Otek

17 January 2020
My guess is: $8932.38

Brave ads Fluctuation

12 Jan 2020 circuitops

12 January 2020
Hey. In South Africa. the most I have ever gotten in a day has been about 3 and they seem to happen between 00:00 and 09:00. Some days I none at all. Very inconsistent

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3 New DeFi Dapps You Can’t Miss

29 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments

You've already learnt how to earn from DeFi stablecoin staking as well as DeFi cryptocurrency staking in our previous articles. And today, we're introducing 3 new DeFi dapps that can upgrade your earning.   Ren - Liquidity, Unchained Ren is an open...

How to Earn While You Learn Using Crypto And BitDegree

28 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments BitShills

How to earn while you learn using cryptocurrencies and BitDegree. BitDegree is a blockchain educational platform that offers online courses and rewards through the gamified online experience. The platform has hundreds of courses to choose from, which...

Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Money?

26 Jun 2020 5 minute read comments NOWPayments

Of course, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, in particular, are entering our lives. The main factor that contributes to this is that cryptocurrencies create a trusted environment. You do not need a middleman or a third party. No one directly debits or cred...

Non-custodial wallets: pros and cons

25 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments NOWPayments

What is the first thing you need to think about once you’ve made up your mind, decided to join the blockchain scene, and to trade some of your savings for cryptocurrency? You have to figure out where you’re going to store your crypto funds. It’s been...

Grab And Collect All The Rabbids Tokens! Get Surprised On Full-Moon!

22 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments

You must have seen “Rabbids” if you are a gamer especially a Ubisoft fan. The Rabbids, or Raving Rabbids, have made a lot of appearances in games. Yes, that’s him. It’s on the Ethereum blockchain now as a series of NFTs! Check the Top 10 Hottest NF...

Tezos now has over 50,000 active delegators!

17 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments Allen Walters

Delegators are holders of XTZ that join the PoS system that secures Tezos. The amount of active delegators has just reached + 50,000. A great milestone.  Short recap of Tezos' Proof of Stake model: blockchains that use the Proof of Stake consensus al...

AdEx Review Bounty: Write about the AdEx Platform and earn 300 DAI*

16 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments dmngdsm

Hot news for you all aspiring bloggers, writers and enthusiasts who love to review apps and projects on your blogs: we are starting a writing contest! A 300 DAI prize pool will be split between the three writers who come up with the most complete an...

What Are Stablecoins and How Do They Work?

10 Jun 2020 5 minute read comments NOWPayments

One of the big reasons people use cryptocurrencies, and why other people hate cryptocurrencies, is the volatility. Ten years ago, a bitcoin was worth just a couple cents. Nowadays, one bitcoin is sold for more than 7,000 dollars, that’s a really big...

How to Stake Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) and Earn up to 23% ARR

9 Jun 2020 11 minute read comments CryptoSorted

All staking coins are equal, but some – like the Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) – are more equal than others. In this post I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to stake the AWC in your Atomic Wallet and earn between 17% - 23% ARR (annual rate of return...

How to Safely Add BAT to Your Atomic Wallet

8 Jun 2020 5 minute read comments BryRi

ERC-20 Tokens Can Be Easy to Execute or the Bain of Your Existence.  This Article Will Help Safely Move Your BAT to the Atomic Wallet.   BAT and Your Atomic Wallet I hope you're in the same place as many who see the total utility of the Brave browser...