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Born again Christian, Firefighter, retired Air Force Reserve, and investor in digital currency

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Chris Kundert

Coronavirus updated information

28 Feb 2020 4 minute read 1 comment Chris Kundert

Coronavirus update: I find a lot of facts about this virus get lost in the chaos of opinions and news spinning going on with our media. So, I went through many sources, and reports to gather the common well knowns about this virus in order to help pe...

WHY? A study of Jericho

16 Jan 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Chris Kundert

WHY?      Moses had passed away and now Joshua was in command of a very large group of people who had been wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. (God used these wanderings to spread the stories of what he had done for Israel throughout the region...

The Lily of the Valley

4 Jan 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Chris Kundert

     Not far from my childhood home of Onekama, Michigan is a lonely, snow covered road which quietly passes by a dilapidated old farmhouse. The house looked as if it was at any moment willing to give itself over to the constant urging of gravity. An...


What It Takes To Be In The Top 1% Of XRP Holders

6 Feb 2020 Lanky Asha'man

09 February 2020
I’m still shooting to be in the .5%

What It Takes To Be In The Top 1% Of XRP Holders

6 Feb 2020 Lanky Asha'man

09 February 2020
I'm still shooting to be in the .5%

My Maple is Puking!

19 Jan 2020 uthus2000

19 January 2020
Pre-Maple syrup, gather it up and boil it down.

My thoughts on fast-food

6 Jan 2020 ropaga

06 January 2020
We have a similar issue here in the States. Fast food is very cheap, with healthy food coming in at a premium. As far as changing this behavior, I am more of the thought process that education and a concerted effort to reduce the price of healthy food to be more effective. I tend to shy away from any Government intervention, or mandates, but then much like our nations history I am not a fan of big government. I know my wife and I have began paying close attention to what and how much we eat, which includes rarely going out to restaurants. It seems to be making a difference.

Why A Paradigm Shift In Finance Is Inevitable And Coming Sooner Rather Than Later

5 Jan 2020 Brennan

05 January 2020
This is a well thought out and researched piece. I believe you are correct that Bitcoin will play a role in the future of finance. I would love to see you do a research piece on the viability of XRP and its place in the future of finance.

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