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Creepy Christmas Eve

26 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments BretMunsen

Taken With DJI Mavic Pro. Grays Harbor County Washington. Christmas Eve 2019

Christmas Eve

30 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments BretMunsen

Money Has Enslaved Us All, But Bitcoin Will Free Us All.

23 Jan 2020 7 minute read 0 comments BretMunsen

  Money is the most misunderstood thing we use in America, most people do not have a clue what money really is. I'm hopefully going to change that for you and give you a better understanding of America's money. In order to understand our money, you m...


I Read a Draft Congress Bill That Wants To Regulate Cryptocurrency in the USA. Here's What I Learned.

15 Feb 2020 SkinnerCrypto

16 February 2020
These fucktards who think they can steal your hard work and labor (central bankers) have been doing it for centuries, have met their end, and are fighting for dominance once again to remain in control of your life. What will America do? We are owned by these ruthless bastards and we owe the fucktards 23 trillion dollars just because they printed the biggest piece of fraud in human history, of course, the power brokers of the world hate Bitcoin and now have their minions passing laws that they pretend to have no part in.

Cryptocurrency Storage Wallet Cards

9 Feb 2020 Autumn1962

09 February 2020
I think there needs to be a btc card you can by at Walmart from the card kiosk. This would increase adoption rates of crypto.

Australian Law Enforcement Nets 2000 Percent Gains From Bitcoin #411

28 Oct 2019 Gary Leland the Bitcoin Boomer

28 October 2019
Legally speaking ( America), the profits from the rise in Bitcoin seized or not still belong to the subject being detained. If found guilty of his crimes then the seized Bitcoin would become the property of the Federal Government, and of course, the Central Banking Cartel (IRS) would get their cut.

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Facebook Libra

20 May 2020 1 minute read comments CronBTC

The new crypto is going to be the Facebook Libra. Just the name Libra has so much historic significance. It was the name of the money system of the Roman Empire. If you know languages then Libra is pounds in Spanish. The Pound is the name of the Brit...

That time I sold 200 BTC

16 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments DimitarM

This is a re-post of one of my first articles here on Publish0x. I decided to share the story again since I think it holds some value. Years ago, back in the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 one of my friends introduced me to the idea of mining Bitc...

I Read a Draft Congress Bill That Wants To Regulate Cryptocurrency in the USA. Here's What I Learned.

15 Feb 2020 5 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

Alrighty, I have a juicy little topic to talk about. It is about the alleged Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 (You can read it yourself HERE), which apparently goes over what I would consider pretty sweeping potential crypto legislation in the United Stat...

Sell Your Stuff Online and Get Paid in Crypto! Heck ya!

9 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Autumn1962

It is the modern, updated version of Ebay. No paypal, no credit cards, no giving out your bank information to a third party. Those days are GONE I tell you! Good riddance.  I have been looking for a reason to leave Ebay for ohh  . . ten years?? Dont...

I Read The Basic Attention Token Whitepaper. This is What I Learned.

8 Feb 2020 7 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

Oh shit, ladies and gentlemen, you're in for a big one today. Basic Attention Token. At this point with the various billion different articles and adverts regarding the Brave and BAT nowadays, this might be something that's a little bit worn out. It'...

If You Were Able To Choose One Option To Invest In 2020, Would You Hodl 1 Btc Or 32 Eth?

8 Feb 2020 6 minute read comments CryptoChartWizard91

If someone was to present to you the magical opportunity to have either 1 BTC OR 32 ETH to HODL (hold) throughout 2020 - which would you choose? Well, we all know that magical opportunity will never be presented to you, however, if you were to make t...

Crypto-Backed Brave Uncovers the Biggest Data Breach Ever Recorded in the UK

6 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments Brawnd0

We’re in for some more shock - yet unsurprising - news about data breaches. The Brave team has released a new report and frankly, it’s a really poor statement on how the government officials are handling citzens’ data. The report reveals that there i...