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The Ample Uniswap C-C-Combo!!!

2 Aug 2020 8 minute read 10 comments Block_Enthusiast

So this changes the dynamics of Uniswap how? To set the scene... We have Ethereum, chomping away, being the best damn smart contracting platform that can be. It's got a native token ETH, the most liquid and trustless asset on its network. On Ethereu...

Rebase! The Implications of Supply Smoothing

15 Jul 2020 5 minute read 2 comments Block_Enthusiast

What's this Rebase thing? There's a lot of chatter around Ampleforth and the new mechanism its' introduced known as supply smoothing.This is triggered daily by the Rebase function. Anyone can invoke Rebase; There's even a fun button on the AMPL dashb...


The Ample Uniswap C-C-Combo!!!

2 Aug 2020 Block_Enthusiast

03 August 2020
Thank you very much. Greatly appreciate it. I'm still sorting out how to restructure my position given the above info. Currently 70% in Geyser. May shuffle some of that to an AMPL-DAI pool.

The Ample Uniswap C-C-Combo!!!

2 Aug 2020 Block_Enthusiast

03 August 2020
Generally yes, but depends also on how long you've been in the geyser and fees accrued. You will have less ETH than you had immediately before ETH pumped.

The Ample Uniswap C-C-Combo!!!

2 Aug 2020 Block_Enthusiast

02 August 2020

The Ample Uniswap C-C-Combo!!!

2 Aug 2020 Block_Enthusiast

02 August 2020
When people trade between AMPL and ETH on Uniswap, they pay a fee which is split between all Liquidity Providers. The Geyser is an extra incentive layer on top, which pays additional AMPL as an incentive to provide liquidity. When the Geyser stops, Uniswap LPs will continue to earn trading fees as revenue.

What is Uniswap

6 Jul 2020 D3F1

15 July 2020
Disagree. Uniswap is a DEX to users, but DeFi to Liquidity Providers.

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State of the Network, August 4th, 2020

5 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Ampleforth

The Ampleforth community has come a long way since the protocol launched over a year ago. As such, it feels it is the right time to review the state of the network on its continued progress towards decentralization. The incredibly passionate and acti...



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