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Tipping at the Right Time with Python: Improved Timer

16 Mar 2020 4 minute read 7 comments 11100111

A couple of days ago I wrote a short tutorial on how to make a timer. The purpose of the timer was to remind us to open Publish0x, read and tip. Reactions and feedback led me to do a bit more development.   Timer Review: Assessing Functionalities The...

Tipping at the Right Time with Python: Learn to Program a Timer

13 Mar 2020 3 minute read 2 comments 11100111

Sooner or later you made it to Publish0x. Chances are you are interested in cryptos (or gaming and crypto games or publishing or even more). Anyway, you are exploring Publish0x and you wonder: Is there a way to always tip at the right time and maximi...


Tipping at the Right Time with Python: Improved Timer

16 Mar 2020 11100111

17 March 2020
Can't find any color selection with the p0x editor. But I realized the markdown of the code was rendered as "preformatted". I pasted as plain texted and then formatted at the end. Now it has the same "status" as the rest of the text you can read. So I guess you now have some really ugly formatted code you can visualize. Thanks for helping!

Tipping at the Right Time with Python: Improved Timer

16 Mar 2020 11100111

17 March 2020
Thanks for getting back. Android and pc works fine. Maybe it is something with enabling the flags? (I have that for forcing web content to dark enabled). Otherwise I have no idea. On my setup my main issue is with bullets being grey and confused with the background. Also, grasping indentation on mobile with a dark theme is hard. I'll try to sort out more about dark mode and contents vanishing on Brave. Is it only a publish0x issue? Maybe I should add some sort of "if can't see the code warning". Or I should move the code to GitHub.

Tipping at the Right Time with Python: Improved Timer

16 Mar 2020 11100111

17 March 2020
Thanks for that. That's strange. If dark mode is "settings > appearence > dark mode" I have that on, but I see the part. I'll ask around.

Tipping at the Right Time with Python: Learn to Program a Timer

13 Mar 2020 11100111

16 March 2020
Cool! Ok, maybe I need to add some info to that...

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0Xuniverse: the game, the future, the growth, the increasing teamworking, the investment case

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Best DAPP- Uniswap- The best DEX for small to medium size trade.

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Have you ever thought about owning a blockchain for free? This could be the most precious gift you ever got, as this would you verify your transaction history without synchronizing with your peers over the blockchain, if you have a mainnet wallet for...

Playing Barbarian Prince Solitaire OSR as a Community-Driven RPG?

22 Mar 2019 16 minute read comments aejackson

"Evil events have overtaken the Northlands. You -- Cal Arath, Barbarian Prince -- are in hiding and the usurper who killed your father, the Old King, now sits on his throne. Now you must flee south and raise enough gold by adventuring to equip an...



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