8 bit Haiku: Erdrick's Token (re-inspired by NFT creators)

8 bit Haiku: Erdrick's Token (re-inspired by NFT creators)

Metal Slime Running,
Dodging 'Rick's critical hit,
No Experience.

Gwaelin's Love glowing,
stones of sunlight, staff of rain, 

Recall to the plains,
Magidrakee, magician.
They won't run away.

Cast Repel, Return,
Stopspell before they sleep.
Star Wyverns draw near.

Prophet Mahetta! 
King Lorik of Alefgard!
Here's your ball of light!

(I stumbled across some cool #NFT creators that seem to be inspired by the 8 bit era.  Their work was inspiring enough to write a new 8 bit haiku and link.  one of the projects is called Oddblobz and it reminds me of the good old days in 2nd grade when my whole class worked on designing video game maps monsters and characters.  we worked together on it all year... then on the last day of school i went into the classroom to get the stacks of drawings on construction and graph paper only to find out from my teacher that she let the janitor throw it all away.  I was crushed.  Maybe thats why i think the 8bit nfts are epic/ they can't be destroyed...  i do not currently own any Oddblobz, just thought they looked pretty cool and worth linking because there is a contest to design one.)  https://twitter.com/OddBlobz/status/1363057571943370753



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