By 7R!XxSec | 7RiXxPoe | 25 Sep 2021

There lives a demon within my head,

Waging war upon my mind;

Each time I sit and close my eyes,

His Darkness I do find.


At once I launched a full assault,

And crushed his bones to dust,

But another one just took his place,

And mocked my hopeless fuss.


With void-black eyes,

And manic grin,

Skin swarmed with worms beneath,

As I cast my gaze upon his face,

I couldn't help but notice,

That he looked just quite like me.


And at once the Dam of Revelation,

Burst and drown me whole,

I came to see, this evil fiend,

Was part of my own soul.


Under attack and cast aside,

Oh time and time again,

This seed of personality,

Stalks, lone, throughout the land.


Every time he's cast back out,

His soul becomes more dark,

Such a challenge telling where,

The Void is edged and Darkness starts.


So tonight I gazed upon his face,

His empty, seething eyes,

And as I looked upon them,

My own eyes began to cry.


I reached my hand and touched his face,

He neither flinched nor cast attack,

So I pulled him within my embrace,

And rubbed his wicked back.


Days later I dared close my eyes,

Once more, yes once again,

And there his wicked, evil face,

Consumed the scape of land.


I gazed upon his darkest soul,

Again he did not fight,

But this time I happ'd to notice,

A thread of Light behind his eyes.

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