A Moment in Time
poem by 3rd dog

A Moment in Time

By Betsy Malone | 3rd Dog Script | 24 Feb 2020


courtesy of Yello

Let this moment in time mark the beginning of your dawn

And as your dawn is filled with the many hues of life

Let the hope of sunrise lead you on

The brilliance of your day is yet to come.


Although a long bitter night without sleep do you hold

So tenderly in memory, those memories are just colors

That contrasts the beauty inside of thee.

Yes, the grace, upon our first meeting I have seen.

The innocence that no man creates but comes forth naturally.


With innocence, my friend, your path is freedom, your

Desires are boundless, and your dreams of no end.

So fear not the unknown and darkness

As it is your destiny to win.


I give you only my words as that is my way,

A bird of thought, a bird of prey.

To create and bring to life all that is in flight,

Yes, a dreamer of the night.

I hope to give to you the wings-of-life

For I too have seen the misty morning of dawn.

Truly a time of celebration but in your heart

You are missing the song in a cloud of haze

That we so eloquently call deliberation.


A moment in time to forever treasure

In the prose of rhyme.

My wish is to capture the essence of

Your feelings on this special day

With a tribute in my special way.

Poem by 3rd Dog 2010

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Betsy Malone

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