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Ethereum-Based SmartLinks — Share, Earn and Watch Your Referral Tree Grow

By Melusine | 2key Network | 24 Apr 2021

With algorithms ruling in force on most Social Media platforms, understanding if, when, how, or why your link sharing activity is used or ignored is nearly impossible.

When sharing links as a private person, the only thing you know is that algorithms decide which of your friends or followers will see the link you shared displayed on their feed. The algorithm decisions are mostly tailored to maximize the Social Media platform’s profit and ignore your intention and, of course, do not include any provision to share with you a single cent of the profit you generated through your activity.

As a business, your situation is even worse. Even trusting that the algorithm will indeed work to maximize your ad or native content impact, the ad management system is fraught with issues ranging from ad bidding to ad fraud.

Not so with 2key new Ethereum-based SmartLinks!

Earn Crypto with SmartLinks

Easy to create, SmartLinks “smarten” any URL by associating it with goal-specific smart-contracts and creating a hash in the SmartLink that chronologically stores users’ addresses as they interact with the link.

It is almost as easy as using a link-shortener. Simply copy-paste a “source” link in the “Create a SmartLink” to generate a SmartLink that will display the Thumbnail image and text pulled from the original link. Of course, those can be edited if needed!

Creating a SmartLink



Then click Get SmartLink, wait until the contract is deployed, and there you go, you have a SmartLink. This SmartLink, for example, will redirect you to the the Publish0x article explaining how you earn.

When you share it, the recipient sees the name of the person sharing the link, a thumbnail with options to “Open Link” — to view the original link and its content -, or “Refer and Earn.” You can click here to see it live.

Creating a SmartLink

When you click “Open Link” and see the original page, your click is tabulated by the 2key system, and a few things happen.

  1. Every validated click adds Reputation Points and those points generate crypto revenue as explained in detail here. This Reputation Mining system is a revolution in social media sharing as it is the first time individuals are directly rewarded for their online activity instead of benefitting Social Media platforms.
  2. The entire referral chain is recorded and displayed on the dashboard. How many times the thumbnail was viewed, how many times it was clicked, and how many times it was shared forward to earn, including across how many layers. (Note: At publication time, though every click is tabulated, only referrals from a 2key account holder are counted as a share from a new referrer. Ways to follow all sharing activities are under development.)
  3. When your recipient opts to “Refer and Earn,” a new SmartLink is created that acts as an original SmartLink for the two functions above AND adds the link-sharing activity to the general count of the SmartLink shared forward.
    Each referrer can follow the impact of his own activity and that of those sharing the SmartLink forward on his dashboard, where every circle is a single viewer and/or referrer, and the referral chain is shown in real-time.


The graph above is for a SmartLink with rewards.

To get a better idea of SmartLinks' earnings potential, check actual users' earnings in March 2021 .

What Are SmartLinks With Rewards?

Basically, they are SmartLinks for which the SmartLink creator finances additional rewards for conversions, opting to invest the marketing budget in real people rather than funding mega-corporations.

PPC SmartLinks are designed for marketers, these combine the advantages of ad bidding, referral, and existing affiliate systems.

PPC SmartLinks work by adding a reward per click, rewards that will be distributed through the entire referral chain leading to the click, where each click reward is divided between the referrers according to the selected distribution model. 
The PPC (Pay per Click) reward amount is fully controlled by the link creator and can be provisioned with various cryptocurrencies such as DAI, USDT, TUSD, ETH, and many more.
The PPC SmartLink creator only pays for verified approved clicks, not for fraudulent or off-target ones!

PPC SmartLinks tackle several problems plaguing the digital ad industry, from the many ad bidding problems to the rampant digital ad-fraud predicted cost industries globally up to $35 billion in 2020.

The cryptographic solution developed by 2key solves not only the ad fraud issues, but it also provides a referral solution as easy to use as a link shortener and removes the grunt work of managing referrals and affiliates by tasking a smart contract to do all the work.

To summarize, PPC SmartLinks provide digital marketers with an alternative solution to marketers mired in the problems plaguing the current options:

  • Ad bidding: the cutthroat competition between advertisers inflates the cost per click and crushes campaigns ROI
  • Referral: by far the most efficient way to bring new users or buyers, the current referral system options imply either purchasing and integrating costly referral software with limited options or investing infinite time in tracking the referral and rewarding referrers
  • Affiliate: though an efficient solution, managing affiliate programs also require integrating affiliate management software and typically requires time and effort to follow each affiliate, send the qualified rewards, answer their queries, and so forth.

The cryptographic solution developed by 2key solves not only the ad fraud issues, but it also provides a referral solution as easy to use as a link-shortener and removes the grunt work of managing referrals and affiliates by tasking a smart contract to do all the work.

It also swiftly eliminates the budgeting issues stemming from ad bidding by letting the advertiser unilaterally fix the cost per click and the reward distribution model and, last but not least, recently eliminated TX fees for deployment by migrating the deployment onto their Layer 2.

To overcome the entry barrier due to the lack of familiarity with web 3.0 in the general population, 2key has eliminated the need to create a wallet. Each new user receives a ready-made wallet when signing up. That wallet can be activated simply by creating a password, postponing the duty to create and save the secret words for the private key to a later stage, for example, after the new user has collected enough tokens to make it relevant.
This is an ideal and practical way to onboard new users onto web 3.0

Savvy crypto users can connect their Metamask or Ledger wallet or use WalletConnect with their 2key account or use a 2key wallet as they see fit.

To further hone the referral’s precision, 2key’s Reputation Mining program mentioned earlier rewards or penalizes both referrers and SmartLink creators. This boosts the referrers’ interest in sharing SmartLink to an audience that is likely to find the link shared interesting and limits the risk that SmartLink will be used to disseminate scammy or other nefarious content.

Share this link to support the writer and start earning and Create a SmartLink with your own publications to share with your friends and make them and you earn crypto!

Originally written by Patricia de Hemricourt

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