Ripple’s executive regrets selling 40000 ETH for $1 in 2012

Ripple’s executive regrets selling 40000 ETH for $1 in 2012

By nerd0x | 24x7News | 17 Oct 2020

In crypto community how many times have we heard someone saying HODL!

Well, David Schwartz an executive at Ripple, didnt follow this and now regrets.

My decision to derisk was made in 2012 or so when I discussed investing in cryptocurrencies with my wife. She insisted we agree on a derisking plan right then. And I must say that every bitcoin I sold for $750 or XRP for $0.10 hurt.
— David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) October 11, 2020

  • As he mentions in a series of tweets, he planned out a derisking plan in 2012
  • Guess that plan didn't work out so well, when we look from a lense in 2020
  • In my view, if someone invests in any of the top 50 cryptos today, in the next 10 years he can reap long benefits of patience
  • If you ask me, i seriously believe in BTC and ETH, and also the latest token on binance chain named TWT
  • This is a token that has come into existence initially to spread the news and accessibility of cryptocurrencies to a wide audience
  • Trust Wallet is very very secure and trusted wallet on Android and IOS platforms
  • Trust Wallet also is currently launching a promotion, where if you bring in someone to turst wallet , and that person buys crypto from within trust wallet for as low as $50, both will be rewarded with 25 TWT tokens. The rewards have since been reduced, a week ago, this reward was 125 TWT tokens!
  • TWT has soarded > 500% in a month. In start of october it was $0.02, as of now its around $0.11
  • TWT is officially launched in the binance decentralized exchange




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