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Filecoin sees a correction after surge in price on mainnet launch

By nerd0x | 24x7News | 17 Oct 2020

Filecoin sees correction after surging on mainnet launch


Filecoin is a cryptocurrency that is launched to solve the decentralized storage problem.

In filecoin's own description:

A decentralized storage network for humanity's most important information.

  • Filecoin's mainnet was launched on 15th october 2020.
  • It started with a price of $30, but quickly jumped 100% to $60 soon as other exchanges like binance etc, announced the listing of filecoin to exchange.
  • Few exchanges even saw the price to surge to around $150.
  • Filecoin launched in 2017 in an ICO. The ICO can be considered to be a success with generating more than 200Million dollars.
  • Since the market is moving towards bearish trends recently, its price can go down still. So investors have to be vigilant, and should keep their stop loss orders for sure.

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