Bitcoin nears its all time high since the 2017 Bull Run

Bitcoin nears its all time high since the 2017 Bull Run

By nerd0x | 24x7News | 24 Nov 2020

  • Bitcoin touched $19K+ figures todat, 24th Oct 2020
  • The prime reason for this historical move is due to whales buying Bitcoin, accumulating, and not selling it back.
  • This fact has been proven by charts presented by whalemap
  • A report from Santiment also shares a fact that there are about 114 whale holders holding above¬† 10000 Bitcoins, and 2500 above 1000 Bitcoins!
  • Important here is there are hodling and not selling.
  • Other reason is that the bitcoin supply is drying up. We saw the bitcoin halving on 11th of May of this year
  • All halving seasons have seen significant rallies of Bitcoin price. And this years halving looks to be no exception.
  • Volume of money pouring in on exchanges has been increasing steadily since September across exchanges, which adds to a positive sentiment all over.
  • And the Trump Factor! :)

Enjoy the ride!


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