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1BTC - January 2023 Recap

By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 31 Jan 2023

Welcome to the future and the future looks bright. If you are on twitter than you have been seeing the countless tweets that the bull market is over. Although everyone like an up market, they are always bittersweet because a 30% rise in spot price means its 30% more difficult to stack.

January was a a good month with several lessons learned. The largest lesson was to not get greed with dual investment. I tried to pick the top only to have around 5% of my BTC position disappear and because of my Icarusian hubris I was forced to spend analog currency on crypto for the first time in months.





This is a provider I honestly forgot existed. It is fairly easy to get set up on and to fund, but the fees are insane. I would not recommend using CoinSmart unless you are very desperate. I only used this because I was hoping for a sign up bonus but that didn't even work. 

This was just the platform on which I paid my toll for my greed. I purchased just under 0.06 ETH to begin my Etherium dual investment journey on Kucoin. 

After the transfer I hold no crypto on this platform and will most likely never look at it again.



This is a good platform for making crypto purchases via etransfer. For whatever reason both Visa and Mastercard do not like it when I buy crypto so I had to find a carrier that allowed me to send money from my bank account. 

Sometimes the have deposit bonuses as well.

The AXS purchase I made was made with fund I got for free from online sports betting websites. If you live in Ontario Canada- and you are a bit cunning - you can make free Canadian dollars by taking advantage of sign up and deposit bonuses from online sports books. 

In January I made around $750 from sports gambling websites. I would be happy to write a How-To, but I am not sure how many people on Publish0x are in Ontario.

Regardless, I am now going to take $25 CAD out of every withdrawal above $100 CAD and put it into a Crypto. This time I chose AXS because I want to get to 5 shards before I stop rolling the interest back into it and use the AXS interest to build a BNB position.



The COIN app is great. I usually pull around $12 USDT out of it per month. This app is part of my day to day. If you are building or you don't have alot of money to start your crypto journey the Coinapp should be in your tool box.

Even with the non paid membership you can easily make 1 withdrawal per month. This is something I wish I had started years ago.



Mid month I moved all my BTC back to Binance because their simple earn provides more interest than Kucoin's. Also I wanted to start in with the ETH dual investment experiment so I thought it was best to segment the accounts.

Controversial but I think staking is beneficial. Just don't fall for the crazy high rates as the are definitely a scam. I don't think 0.5-1% is that risky. I also think Binance is a strong company that won't FTX anytime soon.

Lastly I was rewarded with some MDX from Binance Academy. I am currently just going to hold it but I may roll it into BNB tokens next month.



Surprisingly, this is the first time I have written about Coinbase. I use it quite often. Coinbase is the exchange that links up with the COINapp and it is where all my XYO rewards get deposited. 

Coinbase made the list this month because of its earn and learn program. They usually pay out between 3-5 USDT in crypto per lesson, but it has been a while since the last one. I earned $3 USDT worth of KAVA this month. I rolled it directly into BTC.

I hope they do these more as they are more lucrative than Binance Academy.


Even with the greedy dual investment play and the loft BTC price I still managed to add a third of a percent of 1BTC to my pile so I am happy. Small incremental steps are what make real changes.


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Keep building in a bear market!

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