1 BTC Project - Why I Use Cambly to Supplement My Income.

By 2MFTProductions | 1BTC | 23 Jan 2024

The affordability crisis is a real issue in Canada. Taxes are too high. Food is too expensive. It is generally too difficult to get ahead right now. That's why I think the crypto space is gaining so my traction. It is a lifeline, a way out of, an escape from the endless eroding of capital called inflation.

To get outside of the fiat system is the destination, but we all still have to work to get there. Each of us is building our portfolios out own way. Some do not have an extra $25 per month to DCA into a coin. It just isn't feasible.

My entire objective for the 1BTC project was to show myself and others that you can build a Bitcoin position without having to over leverage yourself or spend thousands of dollars. 

In my internet journey I have found several ways to make a little bit of money. I have done it all. Uber, Ebay, MTurk, and plenty other one off side-hustles. It is quite fun figuring all this out. It is one of my favorite hobbies.

 One of my absolute favorite finds has been Cambly. If you speak English fluently, it is a perfect way to supplement your income. Adding $50-$100 per week to a budget, over a span of a year could be impactful to most peoples life. 


Here are the four reasons I love Cambly and recommend it to anyone who wants to put themselves into a better situation. 

  • Fits Into My Schedule.

I have always felt like I have the capacity to work an extra 10 hours on any given week, but only gig work will allow me the flexibility I need. With my job I can find myself with a dead hour or two between the end of the work day and my next meeting or appointment. With Cambly I can choose which hours I work and fill in the gaps in my calendar. If I can pay for my lunch while on my lunch break, I see it as a win.

  • Meet and talk with people around the globe.

Cambly is actually a lot of fun. I greatly enjoy being able to speak to people all over the globe. I have spoken with people from South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and China. It is such an amazing experience to be able to get a glimpse into other peoples lives thousands of kilometers away.

  • Tax Free Income.

Cambly pays out into my PayPal account in USD. The hourly pay is $10.10 USD. At time of writing that is $13.60 CAD with the exchange. At my marginal tax rate it maths out to about $19.50 pretax. Which is meaningful.

  • Risk Free. 

Unlike other side hustles there is almost no risk. I don't need to leave my house of office. If I am online waiting for a call I can continue doing my work or a crypto activity. I don't have to be waiting on fare or deliveries like I on Uber or other other gig jobs. I don't have to incur any inventory risk like I do when I sell on Ebay and I don't have to sacrifice any of my schedule or 9 to 5 work because its so flexible.  I go online when I have the time, and if I don't I don't. Also there is no start up costs. Only upside. 

If you are having a hard time making ends meet, or want to make a bit more to get ahead, then you should check out Cambly. Its a great way to buy crypto without your wife getting mad.


Keep Building. 

Referral links if you want to start earning with me:

Pay Pal - A bridge between online and offline money

Cambly - Teach English Online On Your Time

Receipt Hog - Monetize your receipts 

Referral code: zamp3695

Invitation - A depository for referral codes.

FireFaucet - Crypto Faucet

KuCoin - Crypto Trading and Lending Platform

Binance - Where I do my staking.

COINapp - Earn Crypto while on the go.

Cointiply - Crypro Faucet

Publish0x - You know what it is!

SWEAT Coin - Earn Crypto While on the move.

Pi Mining App - A daily crypto 'miner'

Coinbase - A Crypto trading platfrom


Shake Pay

Keep building!

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