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What’s up my fellow splinterlands warriors!

I hope all of you are doing well in your life and enjoying the day with your family and friends. I also guess that you all are also hustling and battling well into this amazing play2earn game in the meantime. The last season ended about a few days ago and the fresh new season has already started and only 9 days and 21 hours left for this ongoing one to meet the end, so I hope you are playing those ranked matches well and pushing and shoving upwards to reach your goal league or a place in the leaderboard. As usual, I am also playing on a daily basis and just like the previous seasons, this season also, I am fighting in the Diamond League and have already reached the top tier Diamond I with a current trophy count of 4017. I have already collected a total of 47 season reward chests and also trying to collect around 10 reward chests every day from daily focus missions. Today I got the Fatalities ruleset as my focus mission and already finished playing for the day and collected 10 focus chests which will be claimable after around 7 hours. With the recent game update, the daily focus missions will get rest every day at midnight UTC time and not after you claim you claim your focus rewards I really like this update cause it's not always possible to claim right after it gets available. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck for this ongoing season and hope you meet your goal sooner.


Now, from those reward chests not only do we get SPS, merits and potions as rewards but also reward edition cards that we can use in gameplay. Everyone who plays this game knows that the current edition of reward cards that are being distributed are soul-bounded in nature, which means you cannot trade, burn, rent or delegate them and the only way you can get those into your account is by playing and winning more and more reward chests. That’s one of the reasons I am so focused on collecting reward chests cause many of these soul-bound reward cards are very powerful and have good benefits on the battlefield when being used in your lineup. Also, the more chests you collect, the more cards you accumulate over time and stay one step ahead of many other players in the game.


I also recently maxed out one common type soul-bound card just recently and it is my second maxed reward card from the newest edition. As you have already guessed from the thumbnail, yes I am talking about the Ninja Turtle of splinterlands, SWAMP SPITTER and in today’s post, I will showcase this awesome monster and will analyse its potential in battles.


SWAMP SPITTER is a common type of card that got released with the latest edition reward cards and it is a ranged attack card. It belongs to the water splinter and costs 7 mana to be used in battles. Apart from having a good attack power, It is also a defensive card thanks to its gold combo of health + armour and its repair ability and another ability giant killer makes it a good choice against giant monsters. Let us now take a better look at its league-wise stats stated below to find out more.



At level 3, this card possesses 2 ranged attacks at 3 speed with 2 armour and 5 health and it also holds the repair ability that it gets since its initial level. The repair ability will help you to increase the broken armours of your friendly monsters which can be beneficial when fighting against melee and ranged monsters.


At level 6, this card's stats get updated with 3 ranged attacks at 3 speed with 2 armour and 5 health and it also gets the Giant killer ability from this level onwards. With giant killer ability, it will now deal double the damage to enemy monsters that costs 10 more mana.


When you upgrade this card to level 8, this monster gets 3 ranged attacks at 4 speed with 2 armour and 6 health along with those 2 abilities that I mentioned above. at gold tier, you can clearly see that this minster is already powerful enough to defend multiple big attacks while putting a dent into the enemy lineup with its high ranged attacks.

Diamond / Champion

By the time you upgrade this monster to max level 10, this card possesses a huge upgraded stats of 4 ranged attacks at 4 speed with 3 armour and 6 health along with those 2 abilities. The high-ranged attack is powerful enough to damage and kill enemy monsters easily while the repair ability will help you to protect your friendly armoured monsters very well. And by chance, if the opponent uses 20 or more mana monsters in his lineup, you will kill those big monsters very easily with its Giant killer ability.



Battle Link - Click Here

This monster costs 7 mana to be used in battles so medium to high mana limit matches are ideal for this monster to be used. So, when I found this particular match with a 44 mana limit match with 3 match rules - Snipe, Melee Mayhem and Knock Out, I decided to use this monster in my lineup. In this match only 2 splinters were available to choose from - Water and Earth, so I selected the Lux Vega summoner and chose Water splinter and at my front, I chose the Baakjira followed by Coeurl Lurker, Deeplurker, Swamp Spitter, Spirit Hoarder and Supply Runner at my last position.

Battle analysis

As the match got revealed, I found out that my opponent has also used the same Lux Summoner with the water splinter and at his front, he chose Arkemis the Bear followed by Baakjira, Deeplurker, Pelacor Bandit, Djinn Oshannus and Doctor Light at his last position. His lineup is also strong with all max-level monsters and I already was having a feeling that this match is going to get very interesting to experience.


As the match begins, my non-melee monsters started attacking the enemy baakjira and my swamp spitter also wounded it by taking away 4 health, but no monsters died in the first round.

In the second round, my spitter again attacked the enemy baakjira and wounded its health down to 10. The enemy bandit also got heavily wounded and poisoned but no monster died at this round as well. But things started to get interesting when my swamp spitter again attacked the baakjira and reduced its health down to 7 again, while the enemy bandit also got dead at the beginning of the fourth round due to the poisonous effect.


In the fourth round, the Swamp spitter again attacked the baakjira and reduced its health down to 4 this time and then my Deeplurker attacked it and finally killed it down. Next, my spitter started attacking the enemy Oshannus and in the fifth round, my deeplurker killed the main defence Bear followed by the combo attack of my supply and spitter who took down the Oshannus together in the sixth round. After that, I also killed the last 2 monsters on the enemy lineup and thus won this match easily with the help of my Swap Spitter and other friendly monsters.

I hope you liked watching the match that I shared above and also loved reading my post. Do you also have this card in your inventory? If yes then which level and do you use this card in battles or wait to upgrade him first? Let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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