Splinterlands | Why Jared Scar is my favourite Melee Reward card

By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 24 Apr 2024

What’s up Splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are enjoying the day with your friends and family and also enjoying this amazing game daily in your free time. Well if you are a splinterlands lover just like me, then probably you are grinding the ranked section with all you got because only 4 days and 19 hours left for this ongoing ranked season to end. This time the time really seems to be flying faster than usual as it feels Like the season had only started a couple of days back. Anyway, I am also playing with full force and currently battling in Champion III and accumulating as many Glint tokens as possible before the season ends. As I have already all the common and rare cards at max level and also only a few epics and legendaries remain to be maxed, I am using the glint tokens to buy more energies and playing more ranked matches with it just to earn more SPS overall. After the season end, I will be opening some more Master Draws and try my luck again if I get able to receive the monsters that I am still missing but right now I am all focused on increasing my SPS earning.



Now, let’s come towards the main topic of this post as today, I am going to showcase an old but very powerful reward card with you all and as you have already seen him in the thumbnail above, today I will be talking about Jared Scar, the mystic warrior with unbeatable and ever-growing attack power.

Jared Scar is a legendary type card that got launched with the soul bound edition reward card edition a while back. This monster belongs to the Life element and it costs 7 mana to be used in battles. It is a melee attack type monster and the main feature of this card is its high melee attack coupled with Piercing + Bloodlust combo which makes it immensely powerful if rightly used. Let us now take a further look at its stats and abilities below.



At level 1, this card possesses 5 melee attack at 2 speed with 2 armour and 4 health along with the Bloodlust ability that it gets from its initial level. Even at level 1, it has a high attack power and thanks to the Bloodlust ability, whenever it kills down an enemy card successfully, all the stats if this monster i.e., Speed, attack, health and armour get increased by 1. So the more minster you kill down with Jared, the more powerful it gets.


At level 2, this monster’s stats get increased further and it gets the same 5 melee attack at 2 speed with 2 armour but with an increased 5 health. It also gets another new ability called True Strike and with the help of it, from now on it will never miss an attack.


When you upgrade this card to level 3, it gets an increased 6 melee attack at 2 speed with 2 armour and 5 health and yes, it again gets another ability called Piercing. With this new ability, whenever this monster attacks and breaks the armour of an enemy card, the excess damage with applied to the enemy card’s health.


When this card finally gets upgraded to max level 4, it gets a further increased 7 melee attack at 2 speed with 2 armour and 6 health along with those 3 abilities that I mentioned above. At only 7 mana cost, this monster now possesses a whooping 7 melee attack power and that Piercing ability, so using this minster against small health monsters will do massacre to them but beware before using, as its low health and armour can’t bear much hit.



This time I got a high 47 mana limit match where only 3 elements were available to choose from - Life, Earth and Dragon. The ranked match also had 3 rules applied as shown below.

Counterspell - All the monsters have the Magic Reflect ability.

Melee Mayhem - All the melee monsters can attack from any place in the lineup.

Fabfour - Only 4 monsters can be used in this battle.

Battle Link

Respecting the rulesets, I chose not to add any magic attack monsters in my lineup and focused on selecting the melee ones. First of all, I chose the Lux Vega as my summoner for this match and at my first place, I chose the Mantaroth followed by Corsair Bosun, Iziar and Jared Scar at the end so that it stays alive till the last and also gets more stats from the Iziar’s Martyr ability. As both the lineups got revealed, I found out that my opponent had chosen the Dragon summoner Quix with Life monsters and he chose Drybone Barbarian at his front followed by Jared Scar, Iziar and Drybone Raider at the end position.


Match Performance

As the match got started, my Mantaroth and Bosun targeted the enemy Barbarian while all of his backline monsters were targeting my Iziar. I almost killed down the Barbarian in the first round thanks to my Mantaroth’s double attack which left the barbarian with only 1 remaining health. But in the second round, the first kill was my Iziar by the enemy Raider card but gladly my Iziar gave more strength to Bosun and Jared. Next, my Jared took revenge by killing down the enemy Iziar and then my Mantaroth killed down the Barbarian finally. The barbarian used its retaliate ability one last time before dying and broke my Manta’s shield. My Manta then attacked Gain and decreased the health of the enemy Jared down to 3. When the next round started, my Jared Scar attacked first and killed down the Jarred this time leaving only the Raider alive in the opponent’s lineup. Next, my Bosun attacked and took the Raider’s armour down and then my mantaroth defended the Raider attack and wounded him down also.


When we came at the round 4, my Jared possessed a whooping stat of 10 melee attack with 5 speed at 6 armour and 10 health and obviously he attacked the first and killed down the wounded Raider finally and thus, I won another awesome match and earned my self some SPS and Glints. So as you can clearly see in this match, I placed the Jared carefully so that it doesn’t get attacked on the initial rounds and gave it enough time to grow its stats and then, it alone took care of the match for me.

I hope you liked reading my post and also loved watching the match that I shared above. Let me know your experience and thoughts about this monster in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all again in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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