Splinterlands | MUSA SALINE is an overpowered card for just 3 mana

By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 28 Feb 2024

What’s up Splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are enjoying the day with your friends and family and also playing the game in the meantime and if you are a daily player and take this game competitively, then most probably you are putting all of your energy into the game right now because there’s only 22 hours left for this current ranked season to end. So all the best to you all and hope you reach your goal before the timer hits zero, be it reaching your goal league or tier or securing a position in the leaderboard for DEC rewards.


For me, I am fighting my way in the Champion League as usual and currently playing in the Champ I tier with only one goal in mind to secure a good spit in the lb. But sadly, even after playing for several hours and draining all my battle energies I couldn't secure a spot and in fact, I am right now at 49th position. This season the competition seems so much tougher than the last one where I got the 10th spot. However, as I have almost used all my battle energy so right now I will just let it recharge back for the day and try again tomorrow with whatever it produces overnight, but I don't think I have a good chance of reaching the top 10. Anyway, let’s see how it goes as I still have some time before the season ends and if I manage to climb well I am thinking of buying some energy as well. Looking at my overall season progress on the other hand, so far I have collected 93 season reward chests which will become claimable after the season end and hole they bring some good fortune in the form of SPS and cards. But my luck has already shined today as I have pulled around 9700+ SPS from focus rewards today, so I am really happy.

Now let’s move on to the main topic of this post as today, I will be talking about another amazing monster that I often use in my battle lineups and as you can clearly see it in the thumbnail, today I will be discussing about the MUSA SALINE. So without any further delay, let us start.



MUSA SALINE is actually a reward edition card that you literally get for free for just playing the game if you get lucky and pull this card from reward chests. It is a legendary type card that needs a total of 11 BCX to be upgraded to max level and luckily, I have upgraded my Musa to max level already and it has been very helpful for me while battling in Champ league. This monster only costs 3 mana to be used in battles so you can easily fit this card in your lineups while playing small to medium mana limit matches and also the ones with Little League ruleset. This card belongs to the water element and this card’s attack type is magic. Let us now take an in-depth look into this card league wise below.



At the initial level 1, this card possesses 1 magic attack at 4 speed with 3 health and also gets the Scavenger ability from its first level. Now because of the scavenger ability, this card will gain 1 max health each time a card dies in that particular battle. Thus as time goes forward in a battle, this card increases its max health which becomes very beneficial in defensive type matches or the ones with Noxious fumes.


When you upgrade this card to its next level 2, it gets the same 1 magic attack but with an increased 4 speed and the same 3 health and it also gets a new ability at level 2 - Shatter. Now with this new ability, each time it hits an enemy card, that card will lose all the armor on it instantly and will become weaker.


When this card gets further upgraded to level 3, it gets 1 magic attack at 4 speed with 3 health and also gets another new ability Dispel. Now, whenever a minster with dispel ability hits an enemy monster, that enemy monster will lose all the positive status effects (i.e., - swift, strengthen, etc) in him.


When this monster finally gets upgraded and reaches it max level 4, it finally gets an increased 2 magic attack at 4 speed with 3 health along with all these 3 abilities that ai talked above.



Now, let us move to the battle stats and this time, I got a small 21 mana limit battle where 4 elements were available to choose from - Water, Earth, Death and Dragon. There were 3 rulesets applied in this particular match - Equaliser (the initial health of all monsters in battle will be equal to the one with max health), Super Sneak (all Melee monsters will have the sneak ability) and Born Again (All monsters will have the Rebirth ability). As it was an equalizer match, means it will be a long running match and because of the low mana limit we can not use bug attack power monsters. So I chose to fight with water magic and ranged monsters and chose them in a way that all of my minsters attack just one enemy at a time.


Battle Link

In my lineup, I chose the water summoner Kelya Frendul and at the front defensive position, I chose the Chaos Agent followed by Merdaali Guardian, Spirit Hoarder, Musa Saline, Angelic Mandarin and Merdhampir at the last position. As the match got revealed, I saw that my opponent had used the legendary Earth Summoner Immortalis and at his front position, he had also chosen the Chaos Agent followed by Moxian Rebel, Lurking Puffer, Mycelic Morphoid, Djinn Biljka and Doctor Blight at the last position.


As the match started, my magic monsters became powerless against the enemy Silence ability and Void and though my Musa attacked the first, it couldn't do anything to the enemy agent and also there was no positive status effect to remove so the dispel ability was also useless. But my archers were all free to attack and together they wounded the enemy agent and lastly, the agent missed its magic attack on my agent and died due to the backfire. The name happened with the other enemy monsters as well as they were missing their attacks on my chaos agent and were getting damaged via the backfire ability. Each time I was killing an enemy down it was getting rebirth again because of the Born Again ruleset, but each time a card was dying, my Musa was getting +1 max health and by the end of the match, my Musa became a big tank card with a massive 20 health! Not to mention that after I killed down the enemy puffer, my musa again got back 2 magic attack and started helping me to kill down the rest enemies. Hence I won this match and thanks to the Chaos Agent for evading many enemy attacks which was the main reason for me to secure the win here.

I hope you watched and enjoyed the match that I shared above and also Liked reading my post. Do you also have a Musa in your collection and do you use this card in battles? Let me know in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post!


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands

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