Splinterlands | KRA’AR XOC is a next gen attack less tank card

By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 21 Feb 2024

What’s up my fellow splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are enjoying an awesome day with your family and friends and also enjoying Splinterlands in your daily free time. Well, if you play in a regular basis then you must know that we have already come near the halfway of this ranked season and less days 8 days remaining for us before it ends. So don't lose focus and let us collect as many battle SPS and reward chests as possible before the time hits zero. I have also playing with a full focus nowadays and not to mention that adding some max level Rebellion cards in my deck has been helping me a lot really. On top of that, I also rent 130k SPS from the official market for 7 days which has increased both my Battle SPS and reward points earning well. I have also decided to keep continue with the renting cause it is indeed profitable for me as I already have a decent collection of modern cards and a chunk of SPS staked already in my account. Anyway, so far I have collected 53 season chests and with another week in hand, I think I can get another 35-40 at least if all goes well.


Now, taking a look at my current conflict stat, Just an hour ago I completed collecting a total of 500 chances and I am very happy that I will get at least 2 guaranteed cards when the airdrop card gets distributed and crossing my fingers if I can get any extra, which would be very rare I know. The first card that will get launched and distributed is Rage, a 16 mana dragon monster card aesthetically made to rule the high mana limit matches. So if you are a player, you already can feel how important this card will become soon after its launch. Anyway, I will keep continuing in my rebel card gathering mission and hope before the next airdrop happens, I will get even more contribution points so that I get more airdrop cards. So far, I have been earning 82,860 CP per hour so I have to buy more cards and stake them to wagons now, so let me just quietly keep an eye on the market if I can get good deals.


Now, let us come to the main topic of this post as today, I will be talking about a special soul-bound reward card that we get for free from opening those reward chests, but it is very important attack less card. Attack leas cards have become even more important since the current arena is all about using Weapons Training ability efficiently to arm attack-less cards and use them to win fights. With more monsters with weapon training abilities getting introduced to the game, it is getting more and more crucial to have a good collection of attack-less cards as well. As you have already seen it in my thumbnail today, today we will be discussing about the KRA’AR XOC. So, without any further delay, let us start..



Xoc is a special card to most of us firstly because of its mana cost which is just 1. So you can fit this card into your lineup very easily from small to medium mana limit matches. This card belongs to the Dragon element and it is an epic type card that needs a total of 46 BCX cards to max level. Though it does not possess any attack, it has a decent speed and health stat and with scavenger ability, it gets more max health as the game continues which makes it a thick monster and harder to kill down in long ongoing matches. Okay now, let us take a deeper look into its stats league wise at below.



At level 2, this card gets 4 speed and 2 health but no attack power and it also gets the Scavenger ability from its initial level with which, it gets +1 max health every time a monster dies in that ongoing battle.


When being upgraded to level 3, this monster increases its stats numbers and possesses 4 speed with 3 health. Not to mention that it also carries the Scavenger ability along with it.


At level 5, this card gets an increased stat of 4 speed with 5 health along with the Scavenger ability that it carries from level 1.

Diamond / Champion

When you finally upgrade this card tours max level 6, it possesses the same stats as of its previous level but at its last level, it gets another new ability Redemption. With the help of this new ability, whenever this card gets died, it deals 1 damage to every enemy monster.

Battle Stat


Battle Link -> Click Here!

This time it was a medium 25 mana limit match with 4 elements active to choose from - Fire, Life, Earth and Dragon and there were 3 rulesets applied to this match - Broken Arrow (no ranged monsters can be used in this battle), Briar Patch (all monsters will carry Thorns ability) and Weak Magic (magic monsters will break armour before reaching for health). Respecting the rulesets, first of all we literally can not use range minsters, Melee monsters will also get haunted badly by all thorns ability and magic attacks will also be weak because of the Weak Magic ability. But, in this match using Magic attackers seem to be the best shot for me and I acted accordingly.


In my battle lineup, I first selected the legendary Dragon summoner Lilly Shieldpaw and at my frontal defense position, I chose the Smith followed by Chaos Agent, our hero card Xoc, Goblin Psychic, Fungus Fiend and Madcap Magus at the end place. When both the lineups got revealed later in the match, I found out that my opponent had used the same summoner as me but his lineup was different placing Solace Ashinach followed by Pelacor Conjerur, Aves Strugis, Dax Paragon and Meriput Magician at the end. As you can see, he also chose to attack me with all magic monsters because range is not available and melee monsters will take a lot of return damage from thorns.


As the battle started, all the enemy attackers were targeting my Smith but with the help of heal and repair, it was all ready to survive those attackers for long enough. On the other way, my monsters were also attacking but my Magus was hitting the backline minsters as well because of its Scattershot ability. I killed the front defense solace in 4th round by my Goblin Psychic. My Magus also helped me later by applying Affliction to the Conjerur or attacking backline monsters like Dax and killing them down. However, after each death in the ongoing match, my Xoc was getting more and more healthy and occupied 7 health by round 7. As the battle goes the remaining monsters also got killed and Gladly there was no single scratch in my monsters when the match ended.

I hope you enjoyed watching the battle that I shared above and also liked reading my post. Let me share your thoughts and views about this reward monster in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

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