Splinterlands | Conflict airdrop status and opening 25 Gladius Packs

By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 15 Jun 2024

What’s up Splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are enjoying the vibrant summer weather with your family and friends and also playing this game and battling with other players across the world. Well if you are a dedicated splinterlands player, then by now you must have collected your season end Glint rewards because the last rank just got ended 1 day ago and a brand new season has started as well. Right now we have a little more than 14 days left in hand before this ongoing season ends, so let us put our best efforts in the battlefield and earn as many SPS and Glint token rewards as possible. For me, I finished playing the last season while at the Diamond I tier and missed the chance to reach the Champion League due to having lack of time.


I won 211k Glint tokens rewards which I am saving for now and may use to buy energy when I get enough free time to play. For this ongoing fresh season, I have been tightening my belt since the beginning and already put a large SPS delegation order at the official market and after it gets filled, I may also decide to pick up some good cards from the rental market that I am currently missing in my collection and will try my best to earn more SPS than the previous one. But however, the way SPS is losing its value and has come to almost 0.01$ per unit is concerning me a lot. I hope the prices of both SPS and DEC get rectified soon because being in a downtrend for too long may create a big panic among investors and players and may result in even more selling. Let’s see how it goes as time flies and in the meantime, let us play harder to accumulate more SPS and wait for the Golden Days.


Conflict Airdrop

On the other hand, if you take a peek at the Rebellion Conflict airdrop, till now 3 cards have been airdropped in the Rebellion edition so far and the next card will get dropped in less than 6 days while I am writing this post. The upcoming rebellion card is named Lorkus and it will be a summoner airdrop card supporting the double element Fire and Death. The first 3 cards that got airdropped were all monster cards but this one will be the first airdrop card to be a summoner so the investors and players are very excited and eagerly waiting for this next airdrop.


The summoner will cost 7 mana to be used in battles and comes with multiple sets of buffs/debuffs along with more melee and magic attacks for friendly monsters. In short, this summoner card will be a total mayhem and I believe it will change the current play style in this game, especially in the modern format so I am also waiting eagerly for this card.


Brawls, Merits and Gladius

Moving on, let me now talk about brawls and merits before ending the post and for those who are new to the game, the brawl is another playing section of the game just like ranked and tournaments where we play not as individuals but together as Guilds and compete against other guilds and the higher a guild tanks in the brawl leaderboard, the more SPS and Merit points they win. Now apart from the Juicy SPS token that we win from brawls, we also win merit tokens as rewards and this particular in-game token is very important if you are planning to build your deck and perform better in battles cause we can buy gladius packs only with merit points and nothing else. These Gladius edition cards are account bounded and can not be sold or bought, rented or delegated so there is no way you can have this card, even with money until you actually play the game continuously and keep collecting them.


Buying 25 Gladius packs

Now, apart from the reward shop where you can buy merit points with your Glint tokens, playing brawls is the biggest source in the game to earn merit points and for example, I am a member of the Neoxian Guild and from our last brawl, every brawl participant in our guild won a whooping amount of 529.186 SPS and 12,300 merit points each so you can clearly see playing one brawl earned each of us enough merit points to buy and open 6 gladius packs! Now after finishing playing the last brawl, I went to check my current merit amount as I was saving all my merit earnings for a while. I was surprised when I found out that I have collected over 50k merits in my account! So without thinking anything, I straight up bought 25 Gladius packs and opened them all at once and let me share the outcome below.


The Pull

As you can see, even after opening 25 packs I haven't got my hands on any legendary cards. In one of my previous posts I talked about the extremely rare it is to get legendary gladius cards and here is one more proof to that and at this speed, I think it will take years to max my gladius legendary cards to max level. However, I did receive some Epic cards including 4 BCXs of Quora Towershed which did soothe my pain a bit and I also received a gold foil Katrelba Gobson and a lot of rare and common cards as well. As I do not have even one max Gladius card in my collection, every BCX of them matters to me. So, let me now find out if I have enough cards to upgrade any of my Gladius cards.

I hope you loved reading my post and now, let me know your thoughts about brawl and conflict airdrop in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands!

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