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Quick Guide to Adshares Decentralized Advertisement Ecosystem

By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 12 Dec 2021

Adshares is a decentralized advertisement ecosystem which is an online marketplace between advertisers and publishers based on the open and decentralized blockchain or the open cryptocurrency technology. The goal of this kind of advertisement ecosystem is to directly connect advertisers and publishers which removes the monopoly of intermediaries with as little cost as possible. Although there are no such thing as no cost but the cost for the ecosystem here is only strictly for running the infrastructure. Agreements on the advertisement system are not decided by authorities like the ones found in centralized advertisement platform such as Adsense but decided by both direct advertisers and publishers. Publishers decides what advertisement are allowed on their platforms for example no adult contents and gambling, advertisers decides amount of payment and its mechanism, and without interference from the ecosystem itself except for the fixed fee needed to keep the infrastructure running. In centralized advertisement platforms, publishers are often denied services because of the quantity of contents, quality of contents, and sometimes the origins of the publishers, set the rules which advertisements are allowed where often politics are mixed in, and even the fees that all party have to pay to them. When these platforms decided to ban their advertisers and publishers, the ban can last for indefinite amount time where most of them are for eternity. In decentralized advertisement ecosystem, any publishers can join no matter how small their contents are, and any advertisers can join as long as both parties advertisers and publishers are interested in each other. For advertisers and publishers who are troubled with adblockers, Adshares maybe for you because of its decentralized nature, adblockers will have more difficulty in blocking Adshares ads compared to traditional ads.

Less Technicals: Joining an Adshare Server

Adshares Existing Servers If you are only interested in monetization and worry less about the technicals then all you need is to register your email address in any Adshare Servers such as Adaround and Flyer Square. You can find more Adservers at After that, do not forget to grab your referral links of the adservers you joined.

Join as Publishers

Adaround Publisher You need a running website and your own domain. If your condition is like me, you may not have access to credit cards and subscribe annually to a domain but if you have cryptocurrencies, you can get crypto domains such as Unstoppable Domains. In the future, they are planning to release monetizing metaverses.

Buy ADS Native Asset

ADS Token Market Before becoming an advertiser, you need ADS coin to fund your campaign. If you come from decentralized finance (DeFi), you can currently purchase ADS from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon network. Install an ADS wallet browser extension and send your tokens here to unwrap. For publishers, can do the opposite by wrapping ADS into any smart chain token and sell on their decentralized exchanges (DEX)s.

Join as Advertisers

Adaround Advertiser Fund your Adserver wallet with ADS. Insert the target uniform resource locator (URL). Prepare your banner either static or moving images. The current list of available units are available on

More Technicals

Blockchain Nodes Adservers Requires a running computer connected to the Internet recommended a fresh Ubuntu (Debian based Linux) installation. I do not think a public internet protocol (IP) address is necessary (correct me if I am wrong). If you are familiar with running a Presearch node, I think the process have some similarities.

Running The Blockchain

Adshare has its own blockchain which is based on Enterprise Service Chain. They have a package called "ads" and "ads-tools" which can be installed and compiled from a repository or we can clone from their github and compile ourselves. Anyway, this is about trying the tools to interact with their blockchain or run a blockchain yourself if you are interested.

Running an Adshare Node

After installing the blockchain tools, we can start running a node. The blockchain is based on "delegated proof of stake" after all where we can get Dividends as token holders and running master nodes. Nodes on the blockchain is to validate transactions, store the ledger or data, and maintain the consensus. Some operations have fees, so do check the tables. Next is to try the blockchain operator and its panel. Detailed installation are available on their Wiki.

Running an Adshare Server

Although existing Adservers are more fair than any centralized advertisement platforms, they are still a 3rd party platform similar to Adsense. They can be customized depends on the owner. Therefore, if we are not satisfied with existing Adservers, we can run our own server.

We Need Analytic Tools: Open For Anyone To Develop

grandma block explorer I saw the website and saw some statistics. While I preached about transparency in open and decentralized blockchain, I find it hard to see meaningful data on their block explorer such as transactions between advertisers and publishers. The advertisers and publishers are supposed to be transparent as well (their user account not physical identity) but cannot easily find any information about for example the websites using adshares and the list of advertisements given. To get those information, we probably need to be technical, in other words only after learning how to run the blockchain and servers we can understand. For average people, we require an analytic tools or similar to DeFi portfolio tools that compiles blockchain data into well presented format. Finally, this article is originally on Publish0x to enter #WhatIsAdshares Contest.

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