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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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Trading Crypto Challange!

$0.50 to $100 Trade nr. 1

My prediction trial that turned out to be inconsistent due to various reasons, however, I have noticed that with various adjustments to book profit and avoid loss all those trades would turn out profitable.

I decided to start Publish0x & Kukoin $0.50 to $100 trading challenge without placing any timeframe or deadline on it. I will be posting all trades here at different times, so make sure you follow me for updates!  

For trading I will be using Publish0x payouts and every additional withdraw will be adding to the bankroll.

I am going to start with Like coin for the first trade. There is high anticipation for the upcoming launch and the coin shows a lot of strength! 

Trade nr. 1


Bankroll: $0.52


Coin: Like

Leverage: Spot

Entry price: $0.00678

Take profit: $0.0091

Stop Loss: x


Closing bankroll: $

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$0.50 to $100 Bankroll BOOSTER
$0.50 to $100 Bankroll BOOSTER

Completing the challenge of turning $0.50 minimum Publish0x payouts into $100 through trading on Kukoin.

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