Swissborg Community App Contest ending soon - it’s still possible to get free tokens and Bitcoin

You quite possibly already heard about the Swissborg Community App and their ongoing contest. Maybe you considered trying it but postponed it for now. Well the contest is coming to an end sometime in Q3 this year now so very soon. This might be your last chance to participate in the free token giveaway and the prize pool of the first contest ($130,470).  

The Swissborg Community App

The app is a guessing game so to speak, where you can make predictions on the price of Bitcoin either going up or down in the next 24 hours. You're betting points and if you're right you'll accumulate more points, if you're wrong you'll lose some points. Don't worry, there's no risk involved, these points are only virtual so you're not betting real money. But nevertheless you can earn CHSB tokens if you guess right multiple times and hit certain point thresholds for example. Then you will get badges which will award you tokens. These tokens have real value. At the moment they're worth $0.09. One badge is directly aquired after making your first prediction. Another one when you reach 5000 points.  

If you’re fast you can still earn up to 1750 CHSB tokens if you manage to achieve all the badges and reach the so called hall of fame in time. A more realistic goal would be to try to receive at least something like 200-250 tokens, which at the current price is still around $20 just for playing a game and learning about Bitcoin price prediction and trading. Basically you have nothing to lose. I started 4 days ago and already got 4 badges (200 tokens)

Get the app here!!  

And use my code N7IPTOA upon registration for some bonus points.

For this no KYC is required, only email and phone number.  

The Swissborg Wealth App

To receive the token rewards after the contest ends you’ll also gonna need the Swissborg Wealth App. It’s already released and you can install it right now together with the Community App and get even more rewards.

The Swissborg Wealth App lets you buy and exchange crypto at best market prices very easily. When you sign up to the wealth app using and invite link you can earn up to €100 in free Bitcoin as a welcome bonus.  

You’ll only get a welcome bonus if you use this link!!  

The bonus you’ll receive after registration is actually a ticket to win a random amount of Bitcoin worth between $1 and $100. So there’s gonna be some luck involved here. You will receive this ticket after you deposit at least $50 or 50€ worth of crypto or fiat into your account. No need to actually buy anything.  

To use the Wealth App you'll have to go through a KYC process though.  

At the moment you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, PAX Gold and Enjin Coin on the app, with more to come. It is also the place to trade CHSB tokens which you can also stake to enable completely fee-less trading of most of the aforementioned coins (ETH 0.5%, Enjin 0.25%). This is called premium and requires 50,000 CHSB Tokens. So maybe only interesting for people with bigger pockets.  

More upcoming contests

Even if you don’t make it into the hall of fame in time for the contest to end, no worries. Swissborg already announced there will be more contests in the app to come in the future. So probably more possibilities to win tokens and prize money.

Get the app now and be prepared for the next contest. 


If you want to earn interest on you Bitcoin that you got from Swissborg and you don't already have a Blockfi account feel free to use my code b9651f1d  upon registration or directly open an account using this link. Just hit the "Get Started" button, put in your data and earn up to 8.6% interest on supported cryptocurrencies (6% on BTC). If you deposit more than $100 at once and hold it for 30 days, you'll receive $10 in Bitcoin as a welcome gift with your next interest payout (only if you used my code to register) and i'll get a reward too. Until you get the interest and the BTC paid out you can't withdraw any funds from your account, otherwise you won't get the reward. Blockfi terms apply.

Remember this is not financial advise, there's always some risk involved. Educate yourself and use at your own risk.

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