Polkadot now listed on Kraken as New Dot

Kraken announced on Sunday that the Polkadot token DOT will become tradable on the Kraken exchange as of today.

Now the time has come and it is possible to trade DOT under the name New DOT on the Kraken exchange.

The DOT token, that has already been worth $350 and that will be redenominated thus getting divided by a factor of 100, can already be traded with EUR, USD, BTC and ETH.

At the time of writing it's being traded at around $3.20, since Kraken already listed the token as new DOT before the official redenomination on August 21. Withdrawals will be enabled after August 21.

It's already possible to deposit old DOT into your Kraken account.

if you deposit 1 Old DOT on Kraken between August 18 and August 21, your account will be credited for 100 New DOT.

In addition to that, DOT can already be staked on Kraken with a 12% annual fixed reward, paid twice per week.

You can see the current price of New DOT here.



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