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AI quiz:game.

ZooQuizAI : chatGPT x ZooGames

By ZooEcosystem | ZooEcosystem | 5 Mar 2023


Hey there, check out ZooQuizAI — the coolest game on Telegram where artificial intelligence meets blockchain gaming!

Here’s the deal — you have to answer 10 questions as fast as you can with only one correct answer for each. But watch out — you’ve only got 10 seconds to answer each question! Once you’ve answered all 10, we’ll add up your time and the fastest player wins.

And get this, the top 25% of participating players get rewarded!

The winner takes 50% of the rewards pot while the other winners split 40% equally. Plus, there’s a JACKPOT (10% of the total pot, accumulated each match) for answering all 10 questions right AND finishing first!


To play, create a ZooGamesID (How to create a ZooGamesID)

Join our ZooQuiz bot on Telegram by clicking and type “/register YOURZOOGAMESID

Then, simply join a game on and start playing!

Game Modes:


  • FreeMode — Play for fun without any rewards or fees;
  • AirdropMode — Get rewarded by the ZooGames team without any fees;
  • BattleMode — Bet against other players with an entry fee set by the players. Are you brave enough to bet a fortune against your opponents? It’s up to you!

Here’s how a game is played from a technical standpoint:

  1. The player logs in by entering their credentials (Zoogames ID + 2FA).
  2. The player joins a game and the protocol deducts their entry fee (BattleMode only), as well as record the transaction on-chain. Each game has a Game Settlement.
  3. The questions are generated by openAI, utilizing the GPT 3.5 TURBO API.
    DISCLAIMER: “It is possible that some answers provided by OpenAI are not totally accurate but are considered as part of the game.”
  4. Once the game is finished, the ZooGames API automatically distributes rewards to the players with a Proof Of Play (closing the Settlement).
  5. If the Jackpot is won, the protocol will pay the winner with a Proof Of Payment.

Note that every transaction made via the protocol is subject to fees. These fees are based on the following: 1% goes to the Gaming Pool and 1% is burned.


Combining the power of OpenAIZooGames API, and TelegramZooQuizAI is already proving to be immensely fun and challenging.

Now announcing the first of many scheduled vZOO airdrop pools for this highly addictive new addition to the ZooEcosystem. This time around, you can expect 50k vZOO to be added to the airdrop game mode pool some time after launch. As always, make sure to stay tuned to our socials for updates.

There is no downside to taking this game mode for a spin as it is completely free to play, so join us today for a nice bit of quizzing fun and get ready for upcoming airdrops.

We hope you enjoy playing ZooQuizAI and will take advantage of this airdrop when the time comes to introduce ZooGames to your friends and family.

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