ZooKeeper Enters The Multichain and Will Become The First Cross-Chain Gaming Platform
ZooKeeper: crosschain gaming.

ZooKeeper Enters The Multichain and Will Become The First Cross-Chain Gaming Platform

By ZooKeeper | ZooKeeper | 20 Oct 2021

Since our recent partnership with YGGDRAZIL, the demand and potential for adoption of ZOO has rapidly increased. The industry of blockchain gaming is still wide open and one in which ZooKeeper intends to establish a solid leading position. To ease the accessibility of our users into this new market, we recognize the need to expand the use of ZOO beyond a relatively hidden gem Wanchain, and onto multiple chains.

Our next phase will be MULTICHAIN.


There are three main points to accomplish when implementing our multi chain development:

  1. Deploy ZooKeeper and its ecosystem on multiple chains to make these features, and ZOO available to the greatest number of users;
  2. Enable interconnectivity of NFTs between these chains using a bridge;
  3. Create a wrapped cross-chain token — the “vZOO” (or Virtual ZOO) to connect all ZooKeeper ecosystems across several chains using Wanchain’s decentralized bridge.

1) Deploying ZOO

Our team is already researching and securing partnerships on several other chains. A partnership with an AMM DEX is preferable in order to secure rapid visibility across the new chain’s community.

Deploying our current ZooKeeper and ZOO token outside of Wanchain is definitely possible and the following points must be considered:

  • Each new chain will have a vested distribution of 24 to 36 months. This will help establish a healthy control over the distribution rate and allow the ZooKeeper Team to regulate inflation of the ZOO Token;
  • The ZOO deployed to a new chain will have a predetermined supply (excluding OTT). The risk vs. benefit of increasing the supply will be carefully taken into consideration but this should not be more than 60 million (excl. OTT) per chain;
  • All pools will be in ZOO, whether dual farming or not, and liquidity will be pre-minted to make farming accessible from launch;
  • On ZooKeeper, gold chest prices are set dynamically depending on the user’s activity and regulate ZooKeeper’s economy by creating a balance between supply and demand. To enhance this mechanic, all gold chest prices will be independent from each chain, which will allow users to cross-chain their ZOO tokens from Chain 01 to Chain 02 to benefit from a positive chest price dynamic. Upon launch of each new chain, the price of a gold chest will be discounted in relation to the current price on Wanchain;
  • ZooRena and Safari pools will remain WANCHAIN-exclusive features, but Play2Earn pools and opportunities will be created on the new chains.


2) The vZOO Token


For security reasons the max ZOO supply per chain (excl. OTT) will never be modifiable. The only contract able to mint ZOO is the farming contract and the rules established for this contract make it impossible to increase the supply. Thus ZOO is inherently not cross-chain compatible. To circumvent this issue and be able to create multichain dApps and games we are going to use vZOO, which is a wrapped ZOO Token.

  • The vZOO, a preminted WRC20 token, will have for only purpose to enable the collateralization of ZOO in order to become cross-chain compatible. Vaults will be created on each chain and all users will be able to instantly swap their ZOO for vZOO, and vice versa;
  • Its value will be originally set in the vZOO Vault as pegged 1:1 with the ZOO;
  • Each chain’s vault will have an initial vZOO supply equal to the total initial ZOO liquidity minted on this chain (for example, if 60M ZOO have been allocated as initial supply then the vZOO vault will contain 60M vZOO). This way a ZOO — vZOO transaction can always happen without liquidity shortage;
  • Only ZOO locked in a vault will give cross-chainable vZOO.


To make vZOO work we will be using Wanchain’s decentralized cross-chain bridges. These bridges are powered by a group of Storeman nodes which are responsible for performing and verifying cross-chain transactions. When a user initiates a cross-chain transaction, the Storeman Groups work together to create a locked account that holds the user’s original asset. The Storeman Groups then mint a new asset pegged 1:1 to the original asset on the destination chain.

These allow for fast, easy and highly secure transfers of assets such as vZOO.

To sum things up, vZOO is a utility token that will be available on all future multichain dApps developed by the ZooKeeper and Yggdrazil teams.

For example, as a game in which players on Wanchain will be competing against players on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche… At the same time!

Real cross-chain, multichain gaming, in a completely secure environment using a decentralized vZOO. All of this in a clear, straightforward user-friendly interface.

3) Cross-Chain ZOONFT

To make the most of a complete interoperability, ZooKeeper will put in place an easy-to-use bridge which will allow users to shift their ZooNFTs between all connected chains. Our bridge will enable transfers of ZooBoostersZooElixirs and Keepsakes.

This opens up a whole new market to ZooNFT owners as more marketplaces become available, and trading possibilities expand onto multiple chains.


For example, the possibility of minting an NFT on Wanchain and using it on PolkadotArbitrum, or even perhaps one day on Ethereum.

The bridge will be free to use (apart from transaction fees applied by each chain) and ZooKeeper will be in charge of its implementation and maintenance.

To Conclude on Multichain

Opening a multichain gaming ecosystem is necessary for the proper development and success of this project.

The games will incorporate burn mechanics and the extensive use of NFTs will so far be a unique concept.

ZooKeeper to become the very first decentralized Multichain Gaming Platform in 2022.

YGGDRAZIL has joined us and we expect to soon release a microgame development program using vZOO.

Main Points to Remember:

  • ZOO will be available on several chains;
  • Total supply will gradually increase over a period of 36 months;
  • The effect of this increase in supply will be negligible in relation to the extensive benefits to be reaped from expanding to multiple chains;
  • Huge increase in community and users of the platform;
  • A clear focus on Cross-Chain Gaming thanks to vZOO;
  • Massive use of the Wanchain Storeman nodes, making the bridge the very first to be given this innovative function within blockchain gaming.

A vote will be set up during the coming days in which you will be able to show your support and approve this further needed development of ZooKeeper.

This new turn is necessary so that our project is more than ever a must-have in all portfolios.

Reminder of important links:

Official Website: https://ZooKeeper.finance
Documentation: https://docs.zookeeper.finance
Official ZooGames Website: https://zoo.games
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZooFarming
Official Telegram: https://t.me/ZooFarming
Official Media Telegram: https://t.me/ZookeeperMedia
Official Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ZooKeeperAnn
Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZooFarming/
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ZooFarming
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoofarming/
Official ZooKeeper Merchandise: https://zoofarming.myspreadshop.net/

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