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ZooBooster NFTs - Utility NFTs To Boost Farming Rewards

By ZooKeeper | ZooEcosystem | 28 Apr 2022

As many of our expanded ZOO Ecosystem users know by now, the ZooKeeper multi-chain farming dApp uses ZOONFTs to boost liquidity mining. The successful expansion of ZOO farming onto the Avalanche network brings with it a multitude of new users that are not necessarily familiar with the concepts and mechanics of our reward-augmenting ZooBoosters.
In this article we will present you with a wide array of information and video guides related to the use of these utility NFTs.


ZOONFTs have been given a purpose and can be optionally added to a ZooKeeper farming pool alongside your favorite LP token to boost $ZOO rewards and additionally reduce lock time.

As well as adding a ZooBooster NFT to the liquidity pool when locking LP tokens, it is possible to boost $ZOO rewards further by choosing an optional lock period of up to 180 days.

ZooKeeper NFTs are defined by many key features. Each minted NFT will have its own individual characteristics.

Farming ZOO using a ZooBooster on Avalanche

Check out the video below on how to boost farming on ZooKeeper using ZooBooster NFTs and Lock Time once you have added liquidity:

A very practical ZooKeeper farming tutorial. Learn how to use ZooBoosters to unlock higher ZOO rewards.

ZooBoosters Detailed

As stated above, ZooBoosters are primarily known for improving your ZOO rewards when added to a farming pool, but also for being tradable in The Market or on the NFT Marketplace OpenZoo, as well as being used in the upcoming ZooRacers game. The percentage (%) boost and locktime reducer linked to each of these ZooBoosters represent their farming abilities. Some may be the same as others, and some will vary.
For example, no three “Triple Pepperoni Pizza” will be the same.

As you can see from the above, the boosting number and locktime reducing amount are different. Even on the off chance that these should be the same, each NFT has its own individual number, making it truly unique.

  • Check out the video below to find out how to obtain a ZooBooster NFT by making a purchase in The Market section:

  • The next video will explain how to obtain a ZooBooster NFT by purchasing Gold or Silver chests in The Expedition section:

  • Finally, the next video will show you how to obtain a ZooBooster NFT by staking ZOO to obtain Gold or Silver chests in The Expedition section:

Once NFTs are minted, the key features which define them will not change. Boosting and time percentages will not change at any time.

ZooBoosters are divided into rarity classes and levels.

Levels make more sense when using the Crafting feature, as it provides a mechanism enabling the combination of 2 NFTs to create a new, higher level one. An example of this would be 2 x Apples (2 x 1 stars) = 1 x Apple Juice (1 x 2 star). This is possible up to a maximum of 4 levels (One Star, Two Star, Three Star and Max).

  • Watch the video below on ZooBooster Crafting — Elixir Mechanics:

  • Next you can check out this video explaining ZooBooster Crafting Detailed — Crafting Mechanics:

Note: the Crafting feature will soon also be available to Avalanche users.

Finally, here is a detailed look into the My Safe section where you will find all your ZOONFTs as well as access to the NFT Bridge (more info about this in the next section of this article).

ZOONFT Cross-chain

An important part of the whole ecosystem resides in its cross-chain capabilities. While ZooBoosters can be minted on different chains, they can also be sent from one to another via the NFT Bridge.

An easy and user-friendly process to cross-chain your ZOONFTs

Transferring your ZooBooster has never been easier: simply attach the Booster card you wish to cross-chain, make sure the receiving address is correct, and send. Once on the new chain, the user must accept the minting fee (0.05 AVAX) in My Safe and the NFT will appear. It can be used in the exact same way across all available platform features on the new network.


Hopefully this article has given you a better insight into what makes ZooBooster NFTs immensely useful and how to successfully boost your LPs while farming ZOO tokens on the ZooKeeper platform.


Reminder of important links:

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OpenZoo Website: https://OpenZoo.io

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