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Multi-Chain ZooKeeper is Coming to Avalanche

By ZooKeeper | ZooEcosystem | 1 Apr 2022

After months of multi-chain hints and speculation, we are delighted to confirm that the ZooKeeper dApp is officially coming to the Avalanche network!


ZooKeeper, the yield farming dApp of the ZooEcosystem, will be live on Avalanche from the 3rd of April and farming will start on the 13th of April to allow users to get familiar with the platform and with the cross-chain functionality.

1) What is ZooEcosystem?

ZooEcosystem is a blockchain gaming-oriented ecosystem with a multi-chain focus and multi community spirit.

It provides:

  • Multi-chain access — farm $ZOO tokens and trade ZooNFTs on several networks (currently available on Avalanche and Wanchain, but more to come)
  • Access to an NFT Marketplace — trade ZooGames NFTs and more on OpenZoo
  • Multi-chain gaming — connect to ZooGames from any available chain and play fun games.

2) The ZooKeeper dApp

ZooKeeper was created in order to fuel the ZooEcosystem with liquidity.

It is an innovative dApp which uses ZooNFTs to boost liquidity mining. Users have access to these NFTs which have a real use case — enhancing LP farming, on top of their inherent trading possibilities.

On ZooKeeper you can make use of $ZOO tokens in many ways such as farming (The Zoo), staking for NFTs (The Expedition), in the creation of more powerful NFTs (Crafting), or making use of them in trading NFTs (The Market).

With the deployment of ZooKeeper on Avalanche, $ZOO tokens become available on additional decentralized exchanges: a farming pool ZOO/AVAX for Trader Joe LPs and another ZOO/AVAX farming pool for Pangolin LPs.

3) Multi-chain and vZOO detailed

Expanding ZooKeeper to a new chain — Avalanche — will provide an opportunity for new users to join the ZooEcosystem and give them access to $ZOO tokens.

It will also allow users to take advantage of both networks and cross-chain their ZooNFTs (via the ZooNFT bridge), but also their $ZOO tokens, from chain to chain. To help in doing so, vZOO tokens are introduced.

The vZOO is a wrapped version of $ZOO; it is used as follows:

  • For safely using the cross-chain function of the $ZOO token with a Vault lock type mechanism;
  • As a primary in-game currency while playing ZooGames.

For the deployment on Avalanche, twelve (12) million ZOO tokens were pre-minted, and are available on the AVAX vault, to allow users to cross-chain and provide liquidity on the new network.

To cover all future multi-chain implementations, a total of ten (10) billion vZOO has been created on Wanchain (a reminder that vZOO supply does NOT impact ZOO supply). The vZOO contract is multisig and owners include project founder Genshimaro and Head of development CryptoFennec, as well as a third “secret” individual that will remain unknown for security purposes.

Owner transactions will only cover the vault’s initial supply for each chain and cross-chain planning.

Proof of cross-chain vZOO initial transactions:

200 million vZOO in Wanchain’s vault:

60 million vZOO in Avalanche’s vault, divided into two (2) separate transactions:

Ten (10) vZOO for testing: https://www.wanscan.org/tx/0x0c9199c0fcd73fea49eb699aa845de53c39db0a0bf69c51a65446d48c7fbde0f

and 59 999 990 vZOO: https://www.wanscan.org/tx/0xfa03ba4b6989613a8543bad5653f97f16b6958c936257149eaf593d5468f5963


For more information on HOW TO BUY $ZOO TOKEN follow our detailed guide below:

It is safe to say that this new milestone achievement of the ZooEcosystem joining the Avalanche network and all it entails can only be described as a pure feeling of excitement.


Reminder of important links:

ZOOEcosystem Website: Zoo.One

Official ZooKeeper Website: https://ZooKeeper.finance

Official OpenZoo Website: https://OpenZoo.io

ZooGames Website: https://Zoo.Games

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZooEcosystem
Telegram: https://t.me/ZooEcosystem
Discord: https://discord.gg/ZooEcosystem
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ZooFarming

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ZooEcosystem is a blockchain gaming-oriented ecosystem with a multi-chain focus and multi-community spirit.

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