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World banking is pushing CBDC's with focus on stablecoins - Where does zilliqa fit?

By CM Topdog | zilliqa | 27 Apr 2020



Money and payments are changing, it is important that as transaction types change and cash is removed from society that the unbanked still have access to digital cash flow.


CBDC's - Central Bank Digital Currencies

We highlight the video uploaded to youtube:


XFERS and MAS (monetary authority of singapore) have worked to create a Singaporean based dollar stablecoin (XSGD).

This is a fully collateralised stablecoin which means it remains redeemable for actual SGD, this offers security to the user and purchase. 


ZILLIQA plays an important role in this being the scalable blockchain platform that can support this payment network.  Zilliqa scales through sharding, something that ethereum doesn't yet offer. 


What we have to understand here is that CBDC's are the future of banking, especially when we consider BIS (bank for international settlements) statements on it during their recent quarterly review in March 2020.


Zilliqa could be at the forefront of digital stablecoins and at the centre of world CBDC's in Singapore.

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