TOP-5 Low Cap Coins

TOP-5 Low Cap Coins

By Zenthereum | Zenthereum | 10 Jun 2020

Everyone is searching for the altcoin that will bring at least 100x returns! Back in 2017, I remember serious cryptocurrencies and also total ridiculous coins pumping into Billions of market cap and making 100-1000x their initial price. There were coins as Experience Points (XP), Smart Cash, and hundreds more that saw their price reaching the moon and beyond. For example, risking 1 dollar in Verge in January 2017 with price at $0.000018, meant that exactly one year later this investment would have brought a profit of 200,000% (or 2000x) with ATH price of Verge at $0,30. This one dollar invested in Verge (XVG) would have been translated to $2,000 if it was sold at ATH! 

I made another post two months ago where I explain my major investments and why I believe in them. This time I decided to look for cryptocurrencies that can be considered low-capped. The most valuable has a total market cap of 56 million USD today. I picked them because I don't think or see that their price is significantly high right now. The altcoin market is less liquidate as it was in the past, but if you look at the behavior of the coins, they haven't all been abandoned.

These are projects that are progressing towards their goals unaffected by price fluctuations. They are all honest with their followers and have ready products that are developing according to their plans. They are not massively marketed and aren't lying or exaggerating about their partnerships. These coins bellow are from projects that I research for many months and some for years.

I'm looking for a high ROI with most of these and won't take profits with a small percentage, meaning that I will probably hold for years. Along with my post where I explained the reasons for investing in Loopring, MANA, Power Ledger, Monero, and Ethereum, I am in the process of adding all coins in this list to my portfolio as well.

The order I've chosen is meant to rank the quality of the projects, but mostly chosen by the expected return of investment.

So, let's start with the Countdown:


Number 5: Uptrennd ($1UP)- Price: $0.003801 Mkt. Cap: $738,623



Uptrennd is on beta and they still have a lot of room for improvement. Nevertheless, I'm getting a clear picture of their capabilities lately and it seems that this platform can only grow better and bigger. I think that once this coin enters a decent exchange, things will change drastically. It has only been one month since my report and major issues which I've discussed have already been fixed while the platform speed has been increased and the new design is really cool. I am certain that server issues during Tuesdays will be solved as well and that the platform will begin growing organically in western countries as well after fixing a lot of issues with spam accounts.

The only problem with 1UP are the exchanges it is trading. P2PB2B demands KYC, if you are ok with it you can buy the coins there and sent them to your wallet. The other exchange is Altilly, which while they seem to have good intentions and decent security, still lacks liquidity. The margin in the 1UP/BTC and 1UP/ETH on Altilly is like 20% so to buy a few I had to place and replace orders 2-3 times per day, to get them filled after days.

This recommendation is not about the Uptrennd platform itself, which I also use and enjoy spending time there. I bought the 1UP token because it has utility and proper management. 

I've reviewed Uptrend on Publish0x a few weeks ago and you can read this review here .


Number 4: Cocos BCX ($COCOS) - Price: $0,000387 Mkt. Cap: $9,374,624



Cocos BCX is a blockchain platform focusing on disrupting the gaming industry. It can be considered a direct competitor to Enjin and although I like Enjin and I have their wallet on my phone for many years this is not about debating which project will lead the blockchain gaming world.

Right now Cocos might look like an outsider versus Enjin, but I don't think that we should keep ignoring them. Cocos will offer cloud-streaming services and has already teamed up with Huawei and China Telecom. Their engine Cocos2d is being used by thousands of developers and companies like Samsung and Vivo for creating games. Their mainnet has been released since January 2020 and swaps from ERC20 to the Cocos coin are available. Binance is also supporting the swap automatically upon deposit.


Number 3: aelf ($ELF) - Price $0.104592 Mkt. Cap: $56million



I've already made a review of aelf during the latest Publish0x contest and described it as a long term opportunity.

aelf's market cap is not as low as the rest coins of this list and its price is approaching a major resistance of $0,13-0,14. If this is broken a new bullish long-term trend might begin. aelf in 2018 had an all-time high of $2,00 and if I was to bet on only one coin on this list, I'd pick aelf. 

You can read my review on aelf here.


Number 2: Cartesi ($CTSI) - Price: $0,03276 Mkt. Cap $3,205,296



Cartesi is a blockchain-based infrastructure layer that is achieving consensus over intensive computations involving massive amounts of data, not on blockchain but a proper Linux based operating system while using the Ethereum blockchain to settle disputes that arise over such computations.

I think that the dump on Binance by ICO investors has ended, so this price might be a good entry point. Cartesi is a platform used for the creation of DApps and interconnects with the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform is centralized and provides developers tools and help to create DApps and handle various tasks while using Ethereum for consensus.

Many developers are interested to build on Cartesi and a demonstration of the platform's capabilities is a game called Creepts. Cartesi is probably the most promising project for 2020 so far.


Number 1: Elastos ($ELA) - Price $1.85 Mkt. Cap $34,085,782



To explain Elastos simply, it is a project that focuses on the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive big data by creating isolated environments for them, that can be accessed with the use of virtual machines through the Elastos runtime environment. This can be used for all kinds of sensitive data that might be company records, medical history, accounts, etc. I suggest watching this video by Boxmining where he explains how Elastos works.

Elastos was hyped up a lot two years ago. Now that the shilling is fading and interest is at healthy levels, I think it is time to buy.


This was my review of the best low-capped coins I've found so far and it contains projects that I think are undervalued and have a good possibility to rise a lot in price terms. I consider them as great opportunities for long-term investment. The only recommendation I can give to everyone though is don't invest blindly. Do your own research and always use risk management to allocate funds according to the risk involved. Cryptocurrency investments contain risk and this is a highly speculative market. Crypto for me represents 5% of my funds right now. I had invested a lot more in 2017 and I don't suggest it. If you want to invest in the above projects the decision is only yours and I don't recommend investing funds that are significant to you.

While I'm reviewing and investing in these coins, I still do it without going really big. I have complete trust that the teams behind these projects are competent and are developing unique products that have a good chance to become widely adopted and will be able to enjoy organic growth.

Anyway, I am doing research on many projects and I will come back with another post that contains more projects that I find interesting, although I am not invested in them right now, and I would like to wait for better entry points. Still I will have high standads and will never support or review positively any project that has shady practices. I always enjoy researching cryptocurrencies, so any recommendations are welcome. Thank you for reading!



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