Top-5 Crypto Youtubers

Top-5 Crypto Youtubers

By Zenthereum | Zenthereum | 31 May 2020

Crypto YouTubers are suffering lately from youtube constantly blocking their accounts and videos. Some of them have seen their channels permanently banned from youtube (Crypto RUS) and others are getting a warning and temporary bans but are later restored by youtube.

This will be tough as I have had many reservations against most crypto influencers and I've excluded many of the top ones for many reasons, mostly having to do with my preferences. This is just my personal opinion and what I enjoy watching and basically, I wrote this article just to show my appreciation to some of them for the work they have done so far, adding some of their best videos that caught my attention.

I excluded from the list a few major YouTubers that I don't enjoy watching for many reasons. Some of them might be great YouTubers, traders, or crypto experts, still they just don't entertain me as the ones that I've included.

Leaving aside what I don't like, I have to admit that there are many interesting YouTubers that I thought of adding to my list as Crypt0.

Omar Bham (Crypt0) does a really good job and he is being more professional and more honest than most YouTubers. I just had to put Ivan on the 5th just for one video that was really influential.


Number 5:  Ivan on Tech

Programmer Explains

While I have many reservations in adding Ivan on Tech, I still consider him a very influential person in the crypto world. Although lately, I take what he says with a grain of salt, mostly after the Charles Hoskinson interviews where hundreds of heavy bagged shills were flooding the chat, making it an awful experience to watch. I lost my interest while watching Charles Hoskinson raging because of some kind of argument against EOS, and his shills posting comments like "Get 'em Charles" in the chat. Anyway, this isn't the only reason, but the whole approach lately which is based on not much focus on details on the tech, but instead on moon and Lambos. Also, I dislike the clickbait approach of recent titles.

I understand that the money is good and YouTubers expect opportunities like these.
Anyway, I have to give thumbs up to Ivan for half of his content and thumbs down for the rest. Still, he does make it to my list and I keep watching Ivan for this video bellow which was of great influence to beginners back in 2017 and played a big part in the extended mass adoption, that ended with Bitcoin at $20,000.

He was more honest back then and this video did help many new people that were just wondering if buying in August 2017 was something they should do or not. He explained the scaling debate, Bitcoin Cash fork, and the mainstream media coverage of Bitcoin. He gave hundreds of thousands of new people the perfect explanation they needed to listen and helped them understand why cryptocurrencies have value and why their price was rising.


Number 4: Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily brings his unique British style and sense of humor making his videos enjoyable and relaxing. Usually, I just watch the first few minutes of his videos and skip the serious parts out, although the he usually makes a convincing case.

One of Crypto Daily's best videos ever (Feb 11,2019) when the whole market wasn't looking good at all:


Number 3: Boxmining

Boxmining is educating beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. He has vast knowledge about Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies and he explains everything in detail. He provides constant quality and highly informative videos, like the one bellow which he published a few days ago, explaining Ethereum 2.0:


Number 2: Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn is my Bitcoin mentor. He was the person that helped me a lot with his videos when I was making my first steps in the cryptocurrency world and I have to thank him for this. I have watched all his videos (some of them multiple times) and watching every new one he posts on youtube.  
On bellow video, Chris Dunn is explaining the bullish trend of 2017 that led to breaking the psychological level of $10,000 USD. Observe that at around 5:00 he predicts that the market will eventually shift and will become wildy volatile, and that will lead to lower highs and a huge dip between 50-75%.


Number 1: Chico Crypto

For some he is a controversial figure, for me, Chico Crypto is the most entertaining crypto YouTuber for the last few years.

This guy has a deep understanding of marketing. He is a nutjob, he shills altcoins and also has promotional messages in his videos as everybody does in order to make a living out on youtube. I can justify this if they are being honest and warn about promotional messages and videos.

What makes Chico Crypto really interesting to watch is his straightforward approach in exposing the wrong-doings of Binance, Cardano, and any other project or exchange in the cryptocurrency world. The reason I find Crypto Chico the most entertaining YouTuber is on the video below:


Special Mention: Scott Cunningham

I have to admit that I'm impressed with the professionalism of Scott Cunningham and I'm always enjoying his videos. My favorite video from Scott is his interview of the legendary Bitcoin influencer Andreas Antonopoulos. Of course, Andreas is always making a conversation look easy but Scott handles the whole discussion really well. I have to suggest to the Publish0x community to turn youtube notifications on and give Scott a boost in views and subscribers. I think that he deserves more traffic and viewers for his work.


So, this was my top-5 list of crypto influencers on the youtube platform and I hope that you've enjoyed the videos I recommended. Perhaps I should have added Andreas Antonopoulos as well, although I think that he is on a different league. He is not just a YouTuber but a major promoter for Bitcoin and just calling him a YouTuber would have reduced his work.

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