Top-5 Bitcoin Songs You've Never Heard Before

Top-5 Bitcoin Songs You've Never Heard Before

By Zenthereum | Zenthereum | 3 Jul 2020

I am very tired today so I can't write anything serious. I wanted to cheer people up as it is Friday and hopefully you will enjoy my list of five video-clips I've found that are covering our favorite subject, Bitcoin. They have a really small number of views on Youtube and I think they deserve to be appreciated more.

Here we go, I hope you enjoy it!

5. Zhou Tonged - Don't Get Zhou Tonged!!! - 2012

A little introduction as most of us weren't active back in 2012. Ryan Zhou (alias: Zhou Tong) was only 17 years old when he created the first Bitcoin derivatives exchange, Bitcoinica, allowing leveraged options trading. There were many accusations against Bitcoinica and Zhou Tong himself, especially concerning liquidations. The exchange was hacked at least two times losing in total more than 80,000 Bitcoins, along with another 40,000BTC lost from their wallets on Mt.Gox from another hack. Zhou Tong explained in an interview that he was certain it was an inside job, yet he didn't have any convincing evidence for this claim.

The YouTuber named Zhou Tonged is a person satirizing Zhou Tonge in many of his videos and the quote "Don't get Zhou Tonged" he created was trending at that time until it was replaced by "Don't Get Goxxed" in 2014. The song is a remix of "Sister Nancy - Bam Bam".

On this link, you will find the obituary of Bitcoinica as written by Bitcoin Magazine's author and co-founder, Vitalik Buterin in 2012.


Don't Get Zhou Tonged!!!


4. Ode to Satoshi by Johnny Barrett - 2015

One of my favorites from the list. An amusing country song that I bet you never listened to before.

"This train is bound for glory and there's plenty of room for all!" Satoshi would be proud of this one.

Ode to Satoshi


3. Welcome to the Blockchain by Decap & Toby - - 2014

A perfect explanation of Bitcoin performed by these amazing artists. The lyrics are based on the use case and functionality of Bitcoin and blockchain, sending a clear message.

Welcome to the Blockchain


2. Satoshi Nakamoto by Gramatik - 2016

Denis Jašarević is a Slovenian hip-hop and electronic music producer. Also, he is the one-man band that goes by his stage name Gramatik. in 2016 he released his album named "Epigram" that included this song about Satoshi Nakamoto. An song about Satoshi by a professional artist with great rap lyrics.

Satoshi Nakamoto

1. The Bitcoin Song by CryptoContagion - 2019

This is another great song and I put it on first place because I like it more every time I listen to it. I also like the quote on this youtube video description:

"The truth is viral. Buy Bitcoin. Spread the contagion!"

The Bitcoin Song

Support the artists and don't get Zhou Tonged!

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