Rabbits! - Ubisoft Launches Its First Blockchain Game!

Rabbits! - Ubisoft Launches Its First Blockchain Game!

By Zenthereum | Zenthereum | 18 Jun 2020

Ubisoft, the legendary french gaming company, has just released a new game called Rabbits, which is their first public blockchain game on the Ethereum chain. The game has been developed as a charity and all profits will be donated to UNICEF. 

You can find the Rabbits webpage and buy/trade collectibles on this link if you want to participate in the charity event.

"Rabbits" is part of a Ubisoft franchise called "Lapins Crétins" (translated as "Raving Rabbits"). It is a collectables game similar to the popular Cryptokitties and the Rabbit token is represented by NFT's (non-fungible tokens) which are using the ERC 721 protocol.


Snake Rabbit

On the Rabbits webpage, users will need to connect with Metamask to proceed. By the time I'm writing this, they have already collected 22,36 ETH.


In this blockchain game, the collectables are basically not owned by the buyer though. After buying a collectable its price rises and it is instantly set for sale on the webpage. So the price of these collectables is only going up. Ubisoft explains that they are utilizing a model they named "always for sale", meaning that anyone buying a collectable, will only be able to hold it until someone else buys it from the webpage.

Similar monetization model has been used in the past by other collectables which were considered by many people to be in Ponzi territory, but in this case, there are no profits for Ubisoft as this is a charity event and all proceeds from this blockchain game will be donated to UNICEF. Also while reading the FAQ we notice that the price of tokens will vary between 0,05 - 0,15 ETH depending on the evolution stage of the Rabbit making it reasonable for all to participate.


Bee Rabbit

Moreover, all Rabbit Token buyers will receive another token called POPO as a certificate of past ownership of a Rabbit! POPO stands for Proof of Plausible Ownership and with this token, they will be proven having owned a Rabbit Token at some point. I guess that this certificate (the POPO token) can be also used as proof of donating to this cause. The POPO token stays at the wallet forever and is not put on sale.

f8bc0cab6b6bc05868e34a3203534c6461e639f2649b16ba35e9c5902385366f.pngRabbids marketplace (link)

As said before the buyers are in the custody of the collectable tokens for a period of time, as after buying them they instantly put for sale at a higher price on Rabbits webpage. The event is about donating to a cause and this being Ubisoft's first effort to create a blockchain-based game, it can be considered an experimental move into the blockchain world.

It is worth noting that Rabbits transform and evolve each time they are bought by a new owner. From what I've found there seem to be eleven different kinds of Rabbits to collect as Rhino, Snake, Duck, Bee, Lion, Drake, and more.

Lastly, there is a Full Moon event in the Rabbits collectable world, which will take place in 17 days from now, but Ubisoft's page does not give many details about this, they just state that it will be a surprise we would need to find ourselves.


Drake Rabbit

This is the Rabbits contract address on the Ethereum network, where we can review the code and observe transactions. And this is the address where all donations from Rabbits will be sent to UNICEF. As we can see there have already been 280 donations in the Rabbits contract.

I think that the first effort of Ubisoft to create a blockchain game is a decent one and the fact that it supports the cause of UNICEF with all proceeds being used for donations is praiseworthy.

All images are screenshots from Rabbits website

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