Altilly Exchange Review

Altilly Exchange Review

By Zenthereum | Zenthereum | 2 Jul 2020

Altilly is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Sweden. This exchange demands more attention as it is secure, the devs are constantly working into improving it and adding new features and lately they added a new user interface that matches the top exchanges in my opinion. Recently they've released the new user interface (UI) which is based on providing a unique trading experience for their users.


Source: Coinmarketcap

Altilly was always a user-friendly exchange and I'm surprised that not many traders have chosen it. I've found this hidden jewel two years ago, took part in trading competitions, earned from them, and traded many of their available pairs.

It provides real volumes and this is unique as similar exchanges with less active traders are displaying billions of dollars of fake volume. This fake trading is not happening in Altilly. This exchange is focusing on being honest and transparent, differentiating this way from their competition, and having a long term target of becoming a stable, transparent, and secure exchange.

Having said all that about Altilly, I want to advise everyone to treat all centralized exchanges as a risk to your funds. We have seen countless exchanges getting hacked, exit-scamming, funds lost, and account frozen. I don't vouch for any centralized exchange and it is up to everyone to do research and figure out which centralized service to trust. Every exchange is trusted until it is not.

Moving on to the new appearance of the Altilly exchange which is quite interesting:


Front Page

This is the front page where they display their most popular trading pairs. Clicking on a pair we are transferred to the spot exchange page, which is also revamped and looking very professional:


Trading Page

 On the top left corner of the page, we have the chart of the pair which we can adjust from 5-minute candles up to 24 hours. The usual information we find in most exchanges is available in Altilly as well, in a way that makes everything available on one page, without the need to load another and waste valuable trading time. There is one problem though with this update, that sometimes a few of the tables (for example the order book) are loading and not appearing unless we reload the page. I think that this will be fixed soon by the devs, as in the past they were always fast to react.


Wallet Options

Altilly has many other options the user can explore and provides full details on the user's activity, it has a user-friendly balance page, and a detailed settings page where users can observe their withdrawal status, enable 2fa and observe/change other information about the account.


Withdrawal Limits

Always remember to activate your 2FA (2-factor authentication) otherwise you might get into trouble. Activating 2fa also allows withdrawals up to $2000, without any KYC.

My only problem with Altilly all this time was the low liquidity and the large margins between sell and buy orders. Although I managed to turn this into an advantage by placing low buy orders and getting filled after a few days. The problem of the low liquidity though means that certain pairs don't move at all. There is simply no trading for weeks in many pairs and I've seen in the past coins getting delisted for this reason. I still think that the exchange might need to consider a further reduction of trading pairs.

Taking everything into consideration I have to admit that Altilly has the potential to become a good exchange but right now it needs traders. Perhaps a market maker might help that will lower the margin gaps and raise liquidity.


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