SEC Attempts to Cripple Bitcoin. Federal Reserve Wants Us Bankrupt

SEC Attempts to Cripple Bitcoin. Federal Reserve Wants Us Bankrupt

By zdigital22 | zdigital | 8 Apr 2021

Bitcoin just had a bad performance today. the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) thugs which I call them are now publicly stating that the United States is behind the trend in regulating cryptocurrencies. Best example of this 'attack' against cryptos are Ripple and LBRY. But despite of that obviously crytopcurrencies are getting more higher despite ballooning debt in the economy.


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The SEC has been hinting about regulation. In fact, Janet Yellen has been so critical on Bitcoin. But I do not foresee SEC regulations succeeding in the coming future. Let's watch and observe the developments in the coming days.

What Federal Reserve is Saying

The Federal Reserve said the economy has reproduced strong jobs these past months.

"The strong jobs we put does not call for a change to the easy money policy."

Oh, wait a minute that is pure propaganda, no truth in it at all. I do not believe unemployment is just hundreds of thousands but it is certainly in millions. Why is that so? I know easy money is not stopping but coming pouring in, no let up.


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Federal Reserve went on to say,

"Easy money policy will stay in place until economic outcomes are achieved."

I wonder what exactly they mean by 'economic outcomes'. Perhaps they are referring to an economy that is about to explode to hyperinflation. Yes, we are in severe inflation way more than you can imagine.

This Feds is murdering the entire economy of America and the rest of the world. Thanks to the lockdowns, which help bring the economy in historic lows affecting each and every country.

What The Fed is Really Doing

Unbeknownst to all, the Federal Reserve is bankrupting businesses, corporations, and governments. What they are doing is taking advantage and buying the debt all out. It's safe to say they are purposely inflating the economy and at the same time taking advantage to the situation which they've created. Now, what can we do about this? Well, how about let's buy the dip! Yes, you heard some people saying it - buy the dip.

In regards to precious metals, the largest bank on Earth the JPMorgan bank is perhaps they are the one manipulating the prices in the market. Did you know JPMorgan got caught manipulating the market price of metals, and been fined 9 billion dollars by the court?


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What Can We Do About It

Well let's buy the dip, take advantage of the situation. Just like them they are taking advantage, as well.

Cryptocurrencies? Keep buying it, guys. Let's make this an opportunity because in every crisis there is an opportunity.
I believe all that is happening is not coincidence but rather pre-planned from pandemic, stimulus money, to lockdowns, you name it.

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These developments are surely getting much worse and we will be very affected if we are not prepared to what is going to unfold. Keep your eyes open!



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