The future of yachting

By zaxby1 | Zaxby | 4 Mar 2020

A solar electric yacht!


Silent Yachts makes the greatest yacht you can buy today.  They call these yachts "the Tesla of the seas." Because, like a Tesla, these boats are electric vehicles.  They are propelled by electric motors.  But these also have solar panels on top to recharge for FREE!  This version has a 10 kilowatt array of solar panels to charge a 140 kilowatt hour battery bank.  That provides enough power to run the engines continuously (at cruising speed) and run all of the electric appliances.  And it has ALL the amenities you have on land:

  • washer/dryer
  • refrigerator
  • dishwasher
  • induction cook-top
  • air conditioning/heating

It's like a floating condo.  And it has an on board water-maker that can convert seawater into fresh drinking water!

This yacht could stay at sea as long as you have food on board.  It is 55 feet long and these boats have already made transatlantic and round the world cruises.  Imagine going on a vacation to the Mediterranean, then Hawaii, then Australia all from the comfort of your own home!  You could just sail this yacht to any coastal city in the world you wanted to live in!

The electric motors are not anywhere near as noisy or polluting as a combustion engine.  The fact that they are almost silent is why the company is called "Silent Yachts"

In reading about these boats, they seem like such a great idea that I wonder why all boat manufacturers aren't putting out offerings like these.  It strikes me as an amazing idea, that I have to share with others.  In that way, it is a lot like cryptocurrency itself.  Listen to some of these owners talk about their experiences:

The only downside is that this kind of luxury doesn't come cheap.  They start at about 1.5 million USD and go up from there.  But you will save money on fuel costs, since you can recharge the batteries for free as long as the sun is shining (and since you can cross oceans and go anywhere with this yacht, why would you stay where the sun isn't shining?)  Fuel costs can be expensive, too.  Someone I know spent $5,000 in fuel alone traveling down the east coast of the United States from Rhode Island to Florida (And that was in a much smaller boat!)  So if you can afford it, this seems even more appealing than living on land!

So what do you think? If you won the lottery, would you buy this yacht?  If you do invite me to stay in one of the guest cabins!



Visit SILENT-YACHTS website for more info:

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