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Must Have Items For Van Life

By zaxby1 | Zaxby | 14 Mar 2020

Van Life Essentials


Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

Van life is all the rage. According to gnomadhome:

To some, #vanlife is just an escapist hashtag. To others, it represents freedom, travel, adventure, or minimalism. But to the people living it, it’s a movement, a way of life, a means of living more in harmony with ourselves, an act of resistance against the status quo.

Here is the essential gear you should have before setting out for life on the road.

Portable Cooler

You've got to have a way of keeping food fresh for long road trips.  This portable cooler has a very low electricity draw and can be powered of a regular wall socket or a 12v cigarette lighter plug.  It has a low voltage protection so it will automatically turn off to protect your battery. It's very compact at only 22.4" x 12.6" but has 16 quart capacity.


Camping Stove

Perfect for cooking while being compact and stowable.  Runs off of butane, so be careful about using this in an enclosed space, as it could create carbon monoxide.


Portable Heater

Don't freeze in your van!  


Portable Toilet

For when nature calls.  Good for when you can't find a bathroom, or want to be stealthy.  These "cassette" style toilets have a chamber that can be removed and emptied into a regular toilet.


Solar Shower

Keeping clean is essential on the road.  just fill this up with water and leave in the sun for an hour for a nice warm shower.


That covers the basics.  Thanks for reading!

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