All The Small Things - Restoring & Building Rounded Youthful Strength

All The Small Things - Restoring & Building Rounded Youthful Strength

By Zaak Nicholls | ZaakNicholls | 31 Aug 2021

Well, i attempted to start a blog last year and even though there was much to write about, i held off until now to share a more full circle scope of my training and the rehabilitation process to full restoration of strength back to the once injury free youth self. 

Lockdowns have proven difficult for many, and part of the ongoing challenge is to not let it overwhelm and override your happiness. For me, my happiness is the ability to exercise freely and progressively improving a little each day, plus to enjoy, appreciate and preserve the things of yesterday 

I manage general daily discomforts including general (Depression/Anxiety) to the best of my ability by a number of ways:

- Cold showers to reset and start the day uniformly. Can enter a warm shower, turn uncomfortably warm (not quite burning) and strike it cold from there. Generally 1-2 minutes. 

Relax and normalise the discomfort and the want to breath uncontrollably.

Deep focused breaths until you can maintain focus and thought, generally finish with a couple of minutes.

Leaving the shower, there is only getting warmer from the cold and it's a chance to shrink and manage some unwanted emotions plus wind up productivity before you really start the day.

As far as training discipline: 

- Mobility, flexibility and prehab/rehab practice to balance out tension resulted by daily activities which if left unmanaged, can lead to a general fast tracking body decline requiring greater medical attention, hence, prevention is better than the cure. 

- Finally, strength training to stay stronger than the daily tasks, however planned out or randomised. Some activities without the strengthening work to match will generally require you to overcompensate. This potentially leading to short term injuries like tendonitis and other common injuries of the like, which in turn, can lead to more long term less curable injuries. 

Generally, the mobility, flexibility, prehab and rehab work hand in hand with strength training. There is still a little way to go with the rehab from old injuries acquired through poor form and lifting too heavy for the form being used. These days, i am basically injury free or free of pain, though there is still an amount of 'junky tissue' that Dr Kelly Starret of 'The Ready State' refers to as, that is being rehabilitated not from pain nowadays, rather knots and tiny fluid sacks that restore clean exercise movement and allow for quick genuine strength increases and longevity of that strength. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my insights into maintaining some self discipline strategies, and maintaining quality strength despite lockdown and gym closure.

More specific strength training posts, and my mobility, flexibility and prehab/rehab content to come. 

Thank you for reading! 



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