Introduction (Don't skip this part, as***le)

Introduction (Don't skip this part, as***le)


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm a South American who has been travelling ever since two weeks before the Pandemic began in March 2020. And if I, with my sh*t currency and the difficulty of a global pandemic have been able to keep rolling, believe me, you can too. Also, wait 'till you hear some of the stories I've heard and witnessed.

How will the blog/course be structured?

There will be a first, theory-based courselike series of posts designed to get you ready to leave and a second, free-floating series of broader, unitary posts about living abroad and moving on to your next countries. Many of these unitary posts will use re-tellings of things I've seen or heard as a tool to get you thinking outside the box, but never take them as direct examples for action.

Lastly, I will always answer any questions to the best of my abilities either privately or publically as requested.



(The course is under construction and the order of and contents themselves are subject to changes and upgrades)








-Before anything:

--Learn about your passport.

--Get your documentation in order.

--Consider your reasons for travel so that you can get the most out of it.


-Choosing your way of travel:

(Ranked top-down from "no" income to "a lot" of income)

--As a Backpacker

--As a Volunteer

--As a Working-Holiday-er

--As an Au-Pair


-Planning your trip:

--Choosing your first destination.

--Choosing a start date.

--How to get there?

--Where will you stay?

--Things you'll need.

--Documentation/Red Tape.


--Get your affairs in order.

--Getting the dough.




-If you choose a visa: Getting the appointment.

-Surviving your first airport.

-Surviving your first day/night abroad.

-(Under construction, SORREY!)






-Running out of money mid-trip. Survival stories (might be a series on its own).

-Costumes and Attitudes in different countries about travellers.

-Different ways to spend no money on housing.

-(Legal) Ways to make some money whilst travelling.

-Volunteership experiences (The Good, The Bad, The Horror) (Might be a series on its own).

-How long should you stay in any given place?

-Galway, city of music.

-Copenhagen: Living with friends for a month at basically zero expense.

-Traveler Career Choices.

-(Under construction, SORREY!)




Since this blog is destined to teach people how to travel with the absolute minimum necessary material resources, the council found in it will be oriented entirely towards practicability. This is not a "Pep Talk" or a"Motivational Blog", but rather a collection of information and council gathered from experience both of my own and those whom I've met during my travels. In turn, it is also not an "Insert part A into part B" instructive manual, but rather an informative and practical decision-making sort of blog course.


All advice here is oriented towards legality. Some stories, however, talk about individuals who have only managed to avoid either starvation or homelessness only by actions of questionable legality, these stories are passed onto the public record as a warning for people against careless action. This is not legal advice and I am an expert or a professional only in the field of Agriculture. I do not endorse law-breaking behaviour nor do I take any responsibility for personal interpretations and or actions of third party individuals. 

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Wandering Media

Hi! I'm Paul, the creator of the Wandering Media Project. I've been travelling for two years now and I'd like to share some stories with you, both real and fictional.

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You Too Can Leave : A Poor Man's Guide to Travel

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