Sunflower Lan is a Polygon farming game in the style of Harvest Moon.

Play and Own!

By Yotingo | Yotingo's Finds | 29 Apr 2023

Hey Folks! I'm here to share the best Blockchain Game out there, Sunflower Land. It's a Polygon farming game in the style of Harvest Moon or Farmville. The game won the Australian Blockchain Startup of the Year 2022!

Link to the game:

The game is casual and enjoyable! Harvest crops, collect wood and stones to build new structures and NFTs to upgrade and expand your farm! The main feature of the game is the IDLE farming-simulation that makes the bulk of the users $SFL token earnings. Users can then participate in quests, auctions or treasure hunts to burn $SFL and win valuable and useful NFTs!


SFL is a web3 gaming project where community members have the opportunity to contribute to building the game. In addition to taking part in the various and frequently updated gameplay features that Sunflower Land offers, players with dedication and helpful skills can sometimes participate in the creation of the game and get rewarded for it. One of the community artists just won a contest and their work is now featured in the game!


The game has one of the best gaming communities right now in the blockchain space and the developer team is very transparent and always active in discord and other socials.


The game is "Play-to-own" and "Play-to-earn". This means that players own their items and the $SFL token used as an in-game currency as well as the boosts or decorations NFTs earned by playing the game, can be exchanged on third party markets like Opensea.

Some of the NFTs with the best benefits for holders can be quite valuable like the Legendary Kuebiko or the newly released Emerald Turtle.

Kuebiko Emerald Turtle

In my opinion the best part of Sunflower Land is that you can buy and trade most of the resources and NFTs!

You can always resell your farm or your bumpkin on Opensea. Almost everything in the game is tradeable and there are lots of different strategies and opportunities to earn and use crypto! It's also a nice introduction to people new to blockchain gaming and a nice opportunity to own real utility NFTs that really have an impact on the gameplay!


The team works hard and always releases new content and features to keep the community committed and rewarded for their implications. Lots of new features on the roadmap like MMO gameplay, Potions, Fishing, Cows, and many more to come.


Use my link to join the game and if you have any questions, I will be happy to help you start your farming empire! I'm always active on the Sunflower Land discord server. Yotingo the name!


That's all for now, folks! Thank you for reading!


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